Brick Wall Ancestor Series Request

Would you like to see if we can help you solve your brick wall? As a service to the genealogy community, our brick wall ancestor series features articles about a difficult genealogical question that we were able to solve with the details of how we did it. If you would like us to consider helping you to research your ancestor to include an article about them, please submit your information below.

If you have a great story about a difficult ancestor that you found, we would love to hear the details about the steps you took, and we may include it in our brick wall articles.

Note: Because of the many requests that we receive and because we offer the brick wall ancestor series as a public service at no cost, we are not able to help everyone, though we try to help as many people as we can. We recommend that you bookmark our site and keep checking back to see if your ancestor has been selected to be featured on our site.

While we offer our brick wall ancestor series as a free service, we do welcome donations to our website.

If we do select your ancestor, the information that we locate will be written in an article on our site, and the sources and documents that we locate will be posted in the public FamilySearch Family Tree.

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Tell us about your brick wall ancestor, including which census records and other documents you have located thus far. Please be as detailed as possible. Please include a URL to a public online tree if possible.

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