Quarterly bulletin of the Old Town of Mamaroneck Historical Society

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The Family History Library has more than 3 million books, microfilms, and other genealogical records. Records can be located using the FamilySearch Catalog.

Quarterly bulletin of the Old Town of Mamaroneck Historical Society is an item that is located in the Family History Library.

Methods of Accessing the Family History Library Records:

    1. Look in the FamilySearch Catalog to see if there is a digitized copy of the item.

      Many of the Family History Library collections are now digitized with more records being digitized every day.

      If you search for the item title or place in the FamilySearch Catalog, you can see whether there is a freely available digital copy of the record collection you are interested in.

      If there are digital images available only through FamilySearch Centers, there will be small camera image with a key above it like this: There are many FamilySearch Centers throughout the world. To find one near you, you can use the FamilySearch Center locator.

      If the record is only available on microfilm, there will be a circular image like this indicating that the record is on microfilm only: You can go to the library listed and view the microfilm in person.

      More microfilms are being digitized daily, if the film you are interested in is not digitized yet, keep checking back and you may find it is digitized soon.

      If the record is searchable online by individual names, you will see a magnifying glass image like this: When you click on the magnifying glass image, you will have the opportunity to search for individual names.

      If the record collection is a book, there will be a book call number listed such as "974.67/W3 H2d." You can go to the library listed to view the book in person. Or you can click on the OCLC WorldCat link to right of your screen to search other libraries for a copy of the book so that you can visit a library or request the book through interlibrary loan.

2. Visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

    All of the books, microfilms, and other items are available to view free of charge to the public.

3. Hire a professional genealogist to research for you.

    You can hire an independent researcher to research onsite for you in the library's collections. Lists of genealogists are available through the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Board for Certification of Genealogists, and ICAPGen.