1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hyder, Unorganized Borough, Alaska

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USA > Alaska > Unorganized Borough > 1940 Census of Hyder

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A Surnames

AbramsClara Bborn about 1883
AbramsJohn Lborn about 1881
AdkinsClara Eborn about 1878
AndersonFlorence Aborn about 1887
AndersonSidney born about 1885

B Surnames

BighamBessie Mborn about 1883
BighamBilly Bborn about 1924
BighamLester Eborn about 1881
BoerHarry Pborn about 1890
BrownGeorge Mborn about 1885
BrownHelen Mborn about 1915
BrownWalter Rborn about 1910
BuazelHans Aborn about 1902
BuazelLillian Hborn about 1913

C Surnames

CampbellMrs John L born about 1867
ClarkFrank Cborn about 1878
ConnorsJoe born about 1868
CowenBen Jborn about 1916

D Surnames

DaleAdeline Cborn about 1892
DaleEdgar Lborn about 1895
DoggettFrank Bborn about 1873
DuffWilliam Lborn about 1871

E Surnames

EvansLillian Eborn about 1882
EvansTom Hborn about 1871

F Surnames

FisherFrank Wborn about 1882
FisherVeronica born about 1884
FitzgeraldJohn born about 1874
FitzgeraldSam Pborn about 1872
FraseWalter Aborn about 1901

G Surnames

GoldsburghAnn Eborn about 1892
GoldsburghCharles born about 1891

H Surnames

HallFrances born about 1880
HassingArleen Mborn about 1940
HassingLoretta Bborn about 1919
HassingOswald born about 1914
HassingRalph born about 1911

J Surnames

JamiesonDorothy born about 1905
JohnsonBarbara Annborn about 1933
JohnsonBeverly Jborn about 1930
JohnsonCora born about 1884
JohnsonEster Eborn about 1897
JohnsonGust born about 1868
JohnsonHolger born about 1890
JohnsonRobert Hborn about 1928

K Surnames

KnappRebecca born about 1872
KristovichBetty Jborn about 1934
KristovichElizabeth born about 1905
KristovichJean Kborn about 1934
KristovichNick born about 1894
KristovichWilliam Rborn about 1934

L Surnames

LeggeLouis Lborn about 1888
LenkeAlpin born about 1887
LowePete born about 1878

M Surnames

MalminBen born about 1888
McDougallAngus born about 1884
McLeodRay Kborn about 1890
MegerPaul born about 1885
MeyersJoe born about 1876
MoaAlice Bborn about 1895
MoaArthur Oborn about 1892

O Surnames

OienBen Pborn about 1888
OroukePatrick born about 1884

P Surnames

PackleAugust born about 1882
PassoAugustine born about 1886
PhillipsAlfred born about 1904
PorterClay born about 1867
PrestonCarrie born about 1902
ProvinceDaisey Dborn about 1881
ProvinceEdgar born about 1879

R Surnames

ReichenbachFrank born about 1872
ReynoldsHenrietta Lborn about 1885
RobertsLee Cborn about 1887
RuthfordOlive Eborn about 1908

S Surnames

SkoniagCharles Gborn about 1869
SmithBraniard Bborn about 1866
SmithMalcomb born about 1873
SnyderAlma Rborn about 1903
SnyderRay Eborn about 1892
StanfordIsabelle born about 1870
StapletonPatrick born about 1873
StevensHelen born about 1904
StewartRobert Lborn about 1880
StewartTheresa Mborn about 1883
SwansenWilhelm born about 1871

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T Surnames

ThomasBert Mborn about 1929
ThomasHerbert Wborn about 1897
ThomasMaye Aborn about 1897
ThorntonLawrance Cborn about 1891
TrairseyJean Annborn about 1939
TrairseyJenette Aborn about 1906
TrairseyNoel Mborn about 1886

W Surnames

WatkinsLouis born about 1878
WatsonWilliam born about 1869
WildsAlbert born about 1885
WirthRichard Eborn about 1892
WrightEdwin Rborn about 1895
WrightMary Eborn about 1899

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