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5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Your Family History Ways to do family history besides doing genealogy research

5 Steps to Discovering More Records Ways to find more record sources for your ancestor

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Family History Ideas for getting out of a genealogy research rut

6 Basic Rules of Genealogy Basic guidelines to remember in your research

A Family History Success Story How our family successfully used the FamilySearch Family Tree in a collaborative way to find many names for temple work

About Migration Patterns in Genealogy Research How putting your ancestors in a historical context can help you understand their migration patterns

About New England Town Records Why New England town records can be useful

Bulldozer Genealogy Why sometimes you need to look at the records more closely

Burned Courthouses and Lost Records What to do if you find out that the genealogy records to locate your family burned in a fire

Can You Really Trace Your Genealogy Back to Adam? Why the answer is no

Cautions in Using Family Tree Some potential issues to be aware of when using the FamilySearch Family Tree

Changing Place Names in Genealogy Research The names of places change over time and finding accurate ones is necessary

Climbing the Ladder One Rung at a Time Build your family tree one step at a time

Common Myths about Genealogy among Members of the LDS Church Family history work is a responsibility for all

Considering Name Spellings in Genealogy The spelling of your ancestor's name may not be what you think

Dealing with Contradictory Evidence Help for evaluating genealogy records that have facts that contradict each other

Dealing with Errors Working around errors in genealogy related documents or the mistakes of others

Discovering Birth Records Types of genealogy records that may list a birth date

Examine Inherited Pedigrees Carefully Questions you should ask if you are using a family tree given to you by someone else

Examining Dates Critically in Your Genealogy Research It's important to do the math and make sure your dates make sense

Expanding Your Newspaper Search More information on your ancestor might be in additional newspapers

Exploring Church Records in Genealogy Some helpful videos about using U.S. church records

Family History Work is Work Though genealogy is challenging, it is rewarding as well

Find a Missing Ancestor by Searching for the Children If you are stuck on an ancestral line in your genealogy, more information on that person's children may help

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Border Crossings and Other Records On border crossing records from Canada and Mexico

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Manifests and Passenger Lists On using passenger lists for locating your immigrant ancestor

Find Your Immigrant Ancestor - Naturalization Records On locating and using naturalization records in genealogy research

Finding an Ancestor's Address Why you would want to find an address for genealogy purposes and possible records to use

Finding an Elusive Ancestor Ideas for finding a missing ancestor in your genealogy that it is difficult to locate

Finding Ancestors with Common Names Helps for identifying which person is your ancestor when they have common names

Finding Children Who Died Young Looking in the records for missing children who died young in a family

Finding Time for Genealogy Fitting in time to do genealogy in a busy lifestyle

Finding U.S. Marriage Records Some helpful tips to locate marriage records

Find Your Ancestor's Parents Possible documents that might list the names of the parents of your ancestor

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor - Where to Start Steps to locating your immigrant ancestor

Focusing Your Research Tips for helping to keep your genealogy research goals in focus with so many records to choose from

Genealogical Lessons from Archery Lessons learned from archery to help hit your genealogical target

Genealogy is Not Always Easy It may take some additional work to find the information you are looking for

Genealogy Records Types A summary of common types of genealogy records for the United States and ways that they may be useful in your research

Going Beyond Just Names and Dates The stories of our ancestors are also important

Growing Your Family Tree Becoming a genealogist and not just a name collector

How to Find an Obituary for Your Ancestor Tips for locating newspaper obituaries in the United States

How to Stop People from Making Incorrect Changes in Family Tree Tips for keeping the correct information on your family in the Family Tree

How to Use FamilySearch Family Tree Effectively Why it's important to add sources

How You Know You Are Past the Introductory Stage in Genealogy Research Some indicators that you are no longer a beginner

Identifying Where Genealogy Records Are Located Guidelines for identifying a jurisdiction where your ancestor's records are located

Keep Looking! Find Me Please Spiritual guidance in LDS family history work

Keys to Finding Relevant Genealogical Sources Some general rules on where to look for record sources

Limitations of Record Indexes Why you can't always rely on the index to find your ancestor

Limits of Historical Records Some of the limitations of genealogy records explained

Locating Probate Records What probate records are and how to determine where they may have been recorded

Moving Your Research Skills to the Next Level Using more than one genealogy record and examining the records carefully

On Defining Success in Genealogy Research Finding joy in the journey

Preserving Family Stories Why should family stories be preserved and how can it be done

Preserving Our Own Family's History Ideas on preserving the history of your current family for generations to come

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Declaring a Brick Wall Before you decided you have a brick wall in your genealogy research, there are some questions you can ask

Researching Past Owners of an Old Home or Property How to find out about who owned a home previously

Sanborn Insurance Maps - an Overlooked Genealogical Resource What the Sanborn Insurance maps are and how they can be helpful

Search for Every Ancestor, Not Just Your Direct Line If you want to do accurate genealogy research, you must look for all of the family members

Searching for Death Information Tips on finding death certificates and obituaries

Searching through Layers of Sources to Find Your Ancestors Looking at the deeper layers of genealogy records can be helpful

Solving Brick Walls in Genealogy Tips for breaking through genealogical brick walls

Success in Finding Ancestors or Cousins that Need Temple Ordinances Basics on finding research opportunities in FamilySearch Family Tree

Suggestions to a New Family History Consultant Helps for new consultants on getting started

Take Time for Your Family History The importance of family history work

The Different Views in FamilySearch Family Tree The traditional, portrait, fan chart, and descendancy views in Family Tree

The FamilySearch Catalog: the Amazing Free Resource You Might Be Missing How to find two-thirds of the free genealogy records on FamilySearch

The Importance of Moving Our Family Records Online Why you should put your genealogy online

The New Family History Center is in the Home Most LDS family history work can now be done from home

The PERSI and Genealogy A summary of what the PERSI is and how to find it

Time to Think About Your Ancestors Finding time for family history work

Using Compiled Genealogies What to do if you find your genealogy in a book

Using Distances and Travel Time Between Places in Genealogy Research Using the time period and distance between places for better accuracy

Using Multiple Research Tools You can find more genealogical information if you use more research tools

Using Newspapers in Your Research Why newspapers can be helpful in genealogy research

Using Online Databases: from General to Specific Searches How to search from general to specific to get better search results in genealogy research

Using U.S. Census Records Effectively Some helpful videos that explain how to analyze the U.S. census records

Using U.S. Land Records in Genealogy Some helpful videos about land records and how to use them

Using U.S. Military Records in Genealogy A helpful video about using U.S. military records

What If Your Genealogy Appears to Be All Done? Finding work to do when it appears in Family Tree that all of the work is done

What is Unique about the FamilySearch Family Tree? A brief summary of the unique features of Family Tree

When is it Time to Quit Searching for an Elusive Ancestor? How you know you have done a reasonably exhaustive search

Where Do I Go from the 1940 U.S. Census? Next steps for searching for genealogy records after finding your family in the 1940 census

Where Do I Start? First Steps for LDS Members Starting Their Family History Beginning steps for family history research in Family Tree

Why Attend a Genealogy Conference or Class? Things you can learn from attending a conference or class

Why Do We Add Sources? The importance of recording sources as you do genealogy research

Why Use City Directories in Family History? Some helpful videos that explain using U.S. city directories in your genealogy research

Why Use the FamilySearch Family Tree? It's a good idea to put your genealogy research information into Family Tree

Why You Want the Death Certificate of Your Ancestor Information that can be listed on a death certificate, when death certificates can be helpful, and how to locate them

Widen Your Search Looking for possible records that may not be as obvious