1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hawridge, Coffee, Alabama

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USA > Alabama > Coffee County > 1940 Census of Hawridge

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A Surnames

AdamsonC Dborn about 1915
AdamsonLooven born about 1918
AndersonCallie born about 1877
AndersonEd born about 1872

B Surnames

BouwellElise born about 1930
BouwellFaye born about 1900
BouwellGoodwin born about 1936
BouwellHomer born about 1895
BouwellJohnnie born about
BouwellJonie born about
BouwellWilliam born about 1926

C Surnames

CrumplerAnnie born about 1925
CrumplerAutrey born about 1928
CrumplerCecil born about 1908
CrumplerCuida born about 1885
CrumplerEline born about 1907
CrumplerEloise born about 1930
CrumplerLuverne born about 1934
CrumplerPeggy born about 1938
CrumplerR Cborn about 1910
CrumplerR Mborn about 1883
CrumplerRheda born about 1932

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D Surnames

DunawayE Aborn about 1896
DunawayE Edselborn about 1926
DunawayJimmie Carolborn about 1938
DunawayJohn Reteborn about 1931
DunawayLellie Mayborn about 1901
DunawayLouie ???born about 1921

G Surnames

GrayDoris Elsieborn about 1939
GrayEarla Oborn about 1895
GrayEnice Inesborn about 1917

H Surnames

HinesMarrell born about 1915
HinesMrs J Cborn about 1880

M Surnames

McDanielJ Gborn about 1914
McDanielJohn born about 1920
McDanielMattie born about 1921
McDanielMrs Sallie born about 1883

N Surnames

NolandFannie Yborn about 1895
NolandJohn born about 1890

S Surnames

SellersDaniel Wborn about 1933
SellersSara Cborn about 1892

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