1940 U.S. Federal Census of Kentuck, Cleburne, Alabama

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USA > Alabama > Cleburne County > 1940 Census of Kentuck

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B Surnames

BrooksHowell born about 1893

C Surnames

ChapmanJames Pborn about 1895
CooperMary Aborn about 1872
CooperVan Dicker Dborn about 1869
CottonNancy Eborn about 1888

D Surnames

DavisJames Cborn about 1890
DooleyCharles Mborn about 1897

F Surnames

FitzgeraldMary born about 1899
FitzgeraldPhillip Jr born about 1899
FitzgeraldPhylis Lborn about 1927

G Surnames

GarterJohn Eborn about 1883
GarterLizzie Sborn about 1883
GilpinTom Wborn about 1899
GlatherEunice born about 1927
GlatherMaggie born about 1920
GlatherMartin born about 1938

H Surnames

HammittEdward Hborn about 1895
HatchGeorge Eborn about 1888

J Surnames

JacksonHenry Cborn about 1891
JarrellDora Bborn about 1890
JarrellJames Tborn about 1870
JohnsonCora Lborn about 1900
JohnsonJames Iborn about 1880

L Surnames

LettLewis Gborn about 1901
LindseyJohnnie born about 1932
LindseyRichard born about 1903
LindseyThelma born about 1903

M Surnames

MischBob Hborn about 1860
MitchelForrest born about 1920
MitchelJohn born about 1880
MitchelSarah born about 1880

N Surnames

NewlandAmanda born about 1872
NewlandBetty Lborn about 1938
NewlandBobbie born about 1935
NewlandDan born about 1932
NewlandHenry Lborn about 1906
NewlandJoseph Rborn about 1868
NewlandNancy born about 1914
NowlandAnnie born about 1903
NowlandCalvin Jborn about 1928
NowlandCatherine born about 1930
NowlandDorthy born about 1932
NowlandErline born about 1938
NowlandJohn born about 1896
NowlandJohnnie Jborn about 1926
NowlandMary Jborn about 1935

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P Surnames

PhillipsEdwin born about 1892
PoorJesse born about 1898

R Surnames

RussellMatthew J Srborn about 1886

T Surnames

TatumManning born about 1894
TaylorRobert Mborn about 1894

W Surnames

WillerTemp born about 1902

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