1940 U.S. Federal Census of Warsaw, Sumter, Alabama

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USA > Alabama > Sumter County > 1940 Census of Warsaw

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames O Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BellAnnie Eborn about 1908
BellAnnie Leeborn about 1922
BellAnnie Meekborn about 1925
BellArlie born about 1932
BellBettie Javanborn about 1928
BellBob Jr born about 1903
BellCurtis born about 1938
BellEmma Earlineborn about 1914
BellEmma Earlineborn about 1937
BellEugine born about 1931
BellHugh Leeborn about 1939
BellJames born about 1936
BellJim born about 1908
BellLaura Leeborn about 1923
BellLena born about 1920
BellLillian born about 1911
BellLoucile Bobraborn about 1939
BellLusie born about 1931
BellMary born about 1903
BellMinnie Maeborn about 1916
BellMinnie Maeborn about 1932
BellRufus born about 1901
BellS Tborn about 1919
BellS T Jrborn about 1937
BellSarah Annborn about 1883
BellSusie Loucileborn about 1917
BellTennie born about 1918
BellTom born about 1924
BellTurner born about 1909

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C Surnames

ChappmanJohn Rborn about 1930

D Surnames

DanielNettie born about 1868

H Surnames

HendrixJohn Pborn about 1874
HendrixMattie Masonborn about 1872

J Surnames

JonesLyde born about 1880
JonesMack born about 1871
JonesWillie Lborn about 1927

L Surnames

LittleEliott born about 1922
LittleJettie born about 1895
LittleLella Maeborn about 1902
LyonsClotes born about 1934
LyonsFreeman born about 1922
LyonsJanie Lborn about 1915
LyonsJohn born about 1880
LyonsLavada born about 1921
LyonsLoula born about 1882
LyonsMamie born about 1898
LyonsMary Willieborn about 1927
LyonsP Wborn about 1930
LyonsPearlie Maeborn about 1920
LyonsPeter born about 1928
LyonsRozena born about 1932
LyonsTom Seaborn about 1925
LyonsZandus born about 1882
LyonsZandus Jr born about 1936

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M Surnames

MarineCharles Leeborn about 1928
MarineClyde Wborn about 1879
MarineClyde W Jrborn about 1927
MarineJohn Rudenborn about 1933
MarineLena Maudborn about 1905
MarineLoucile Masonborn about 1930
MossAlberta born about 1924
MossAlma born about 1926
MossJuba born about 1918
MossMack born about 1921
MossMaud born about 1894
MossWillie born about 1891

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O Surnames

OliverCharles Henryborn about 1939
OliverDicie born about 1885
OliverEarnest born about 1909
OliverEarnest Edwardborn about 1936
OliverEva Maeborn about 1933
OliverHazel born about 1932
OliverJimmie Tborn about 1930
OliverPicolia born about 1910

T Surnames

TompsonIzella born about 1931
TompsonJimmie Leeborn about 1932

W Surnames

WoodsBob Jr born about 1926
WoodsDoncella born about 1925
WoodsMartha born about 1928
WoodsMary born about 1928

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