Fort Payne Genealogy (in DeKalb County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Fort Payne Cemetery Records

Beeson Cemetery Interment

Fischer Cemetery Find a Grave

Franklin Cemetery Interment

Glenwood Cemetery Interment

Gravel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Husky Chapel Cemetery Interment

Jennings Cemetery (Husky Chapel Cemetery) Interment

Lankford Cemetery Find a Grave

Little River Cemetery Find a Grave

Lower Sulphur Springs Cemetery Find a Grave

Miller's Chapel Cemetery Interment

Moore Cemetery Interment

Oak Hill Baptist Cemetery Interment

Smith Cemetery Interment

Stewart Cemetery Interment

Stewart Cemetery Find a Grave

Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Whitehall Cemetery Find a Grave

Wills Town Mission Cemetery Interment

Fort Payne Church Records

Annals and growth of the First Baptist Church of Fort Payne, Alabama 1885-1963 Family History Library

Fort Payne Death Records

Times-Journal 9/13/2003 - Current Genealogy Bank

Fort Payne Newspapers and Obituaries

Dekalb County Herald. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1921-1927 Multiple Archives

Dekalb County News. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1958-1962 Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Dekalb Times. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1930s-1951 Multiple Archives

Fort Payne Tribune. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1927-1930s Multiple Archives

The Fort Payne Journal 1886-1915

Times-Journal 9/13/2003 - Current Genealogy Bank

Times-Journal. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1958-Current Multiple Archives

Times-New Era. (Fort Payne, Ala.) 1951-1958 Multiple Archives

Fort Payne School Records

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Fort Payne High School 1962) Ancestry