Greensboro Genealogy (in Hale County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Greensboro Cemetery Records

Greensboro cemetery, Greensboro, Alabama : complete listing of all marked graves in the Greensboro cemetery and the unmarked graves that are recorded in the records of the city San Antonio Public Library

Mount Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Oakwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Percent Photographed Sarah Christian Cemetery Find a Grave

Springhill Cemetery Find a Grave

Greensboro Church Records

Baptists in Greensboro, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1854-1926, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1880-1918, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1884-1933, Alabama Family History Library

Greensboro Histories and Genealogies

History of Greensboro, Alabama : From Its Earliest Settlement Ancestry

Greensboro Military Records

Guarding Greensboro : a Confederate company in the making of a southern community (Hubbs, G. Ward, 1952-) Family History Library

Greensboro Newspapers and Obituaries

Alabama Beacon 1843-1911

Alabama Beacon. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1840-1912 Multiple Archives

Alabama Beacon. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1836-1839 Duke University Library

Alabama Miscellaneous Herald. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1826-1820s Multiple Archives

Alabama Sentinel. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1830s-1836 Multiple Archives

Beacon of Liberty. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1835-1836 Multiple Archives

Greene County Sentinel. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1830s-1830s Duke University Library

Greensboro Record. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1902-1918 Multiple Archives

Greensboro Watchman 1877-1944

Greensboro Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1886-Current Multiple Archives

Halcyon. (Greensborough [I.E. Greensboro] Ala.) 1823-1824 Multiple Archives

Hale County Times. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1976-1970s Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Republican & Alabama Beacon. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1839-1840 Library of Congress

Southern Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1876-1886 Multiple Archives

Southern Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1943-1940s Multiple Archives

Greensboro School Records

Southern University graduates in Greensboro, Alabama Family History Library