Greensboro Genealogy (in Hale County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Greensboro Cemetery Records

Browns Cemetery Find a Grave

Cocke Cemetery Find a Grave

Greensboro cemetery, Greensboro, Alabama : complete listing of all marked graves in the Greensboro cemetery and the unmarked graves that are recorded in the records of the city San Antonio Public Library

Jerusalem Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Nelson Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Oakwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Greensboro Cemetery Find a Grave

Percent Photographed Sarah Christian Cemetery Find a Grave

Springhill Cemetery Find a Grave

Stokes Cemetery Find a Grave

Union Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Whitworth Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Greensboro Church Records

Baptists in Greensboro, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1854-1926, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1880-1918, Alabama Family History Library

Methodist Episcopal churches, South, 1884-1933, Alabama Family History Library

Greensboro Histories and Genealogies

History of Greensboro, Alabama : From Its Earliest Settlement Ancestry

Greensboro Military Records

Guarding Greensboro : a Confederate company in the making of a southern community (Hubbs, G. Ward, 1952-) Family History Library

Greensboro Newspapers and Obituaries

Alabama Beacon 1843-1911

Alabama Beacon. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1840-1912 Multiple Archives

Alabama Beacon. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1836-1839 Duke University Library

Alabama Miscellaneous Herald. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1826-1820s Multiple Archives

Alabama Sentinel. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1830s-1836 Multiple Archives

Beacon of Liberty. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1835-1836 Multiple Archives

Greene County Sentinel. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1830s-1830s Duke University Library

Greensboro Record. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1902-1918 Multiple Archives

Greensboro Watchman 1877-1963

Greensboro Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1886-Current Multiple Archives

Halcyon. (Greensborough [I.E. Greensboro] Ala.) 1823-1824 Multiple Archives

Hale County Times. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1976-1970s Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library

Republican & Alabama Beacon. (Greensborough, Ala.) 1839-1840 Library of Congress

Southern Watchman 1943-1945

Southern Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1876-1886 Multiple Archives

Southern Watchman. (Greensboro, Ala.) 1943-1940s Multiple Archives

The Southern Watchman 1879-1944

Greensboro School Records

Southern University graduates in Greensboro, Alabama Family History Library