Livingston Genealogy (in Sumter County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Livingston Cemetery Records

Brown Cemetery Billion Graves

Johnson Cemetery Find a Grave

Livingston Cemetery Find a Grave

Livingston Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Myrtlewood Cemetery Find a Grave

New Prospect Cemetery Find a Grave

Percent Photographed Elmwood Memorial Estates Find a Grave

Pine Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Livingston Histories and Genealogies

A history of the town of Livingston, Alabama Family History Library

Livingston Newspapers and Obituaries

Home-Record. (Livingston, Ala.) 1960s-Current Multiple Archives

Livingston Journal. (Livingston, Ala.) 1860s-1890s Multiple Archives

Our Southern Home 1895-1961

Our Southern Home. (Livingston, Ala.) 1895-1961 Multiple Archives

Sumter County Record-Journal 03/02/2017 to Current Genealogy Bank

Sumter County Sun. (Livingston, Ala.) 1889-1913 Multiple Archives

Sumter County Whig 1843-1856

Sumter County Whig. (Livingston, Ala.) 1841-1856 Multiple Archives

Sumter Democrat. (Livingston, Ala.) 1851-1840s Multiple Archives

The Livingston Journal 1865-1895

The Sumter County Sun 1889-1913

The Sumter Democrat 1851-1854

Voice of Sumter 1836-1840

Voice of Sumter. (Livingston, Ala.) 1836-1840s Multiple Archives

Weekly Messenger. (Livingston, Ala.) 1856-1840s Alabama Department of Archives and Historical Library