Scottsboro Genealogy (in Jackson County, AL)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Scottsboro Cemetery Records

Aspel Methodist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Blue Spring Cemetery Billion Graves

Boxes Cove Cemetery Find a Grave

Burgess Cemetery Find a Grave

Cedar Hill Cemetery Billion Graves

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Scottsboro, Alabama, 35768. Woodville Public Library

Center Point Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Freeman Cemetery Find a Grave

Gant Cemetery Find a Grave

Goosepond Cemetery Find a Grave

Gross Cemetery Find a Grave

Zion Rest Cemetery Find a Grave

Scottsboro Death Records

Daily Sentinel 9/28/2004 - Current Genealogy Bank

Scottsboro Newspapers and Obituaries

Banner. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1895-1896 Alabama Newspaper Project

Daily Sentinel 9/28/2004 - Current Genealogy Bank

Daily Sentinel. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1970-Current Multiple Archives

Fellow-Citizen. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1877-1878 Alabama Newspaper Project

Jackson County Advertiser. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1967-1981 Multiple Archives

Jackson County Sentinel. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1929-1962 Multiple Archives

Jackson Guard. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1870s-1870s American Antiquarian Society

Jackson Union News. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1907-1909 Multiple Archives

North Alabama Observer. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1870s-1870s Multiple Archives

Scottsboro Citizen. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1878-1919 Multiple Archives

Scottsboro Industrial Herald. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1869-1870s Multiple Archives

Sentinel-Age. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1962-1970 Multiple Archives

Southern Industrial Herald. (Scottsboro, Ala.) 1868-1869 Alabama Newspaper Project

The Progressive Age 1889-1937

The Scottsboro Citizen 1878-1919