1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bear Creek in Garland County, Garland, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Garland County > 1940 Census of Bear Creek in Garland County

A Surnames B Surnames E Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

ArmstrongEdward born about 1883
ArmstrongJulia born about 1887

B Surnames

BrazielArthur Rborn about 1904
BrazielCharles born about 1938
BrazielJames Arthurborn about 1929
BrazielNorvel born about 1933
BrazielRuth born about 1911
BrazielStanley born about 1936
BrazielVelda born about 1931
BrownChristine born about 1921
BrownMearl born about 1917
BrownSharon born about 1939
BumpAmelia born about 1921
BumpDallas born about 1918
BumpDella Bborn about 1900
BumpOla born about 1920

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E Surnames

EnacksElmo born about 1938

H Surnames

HensleyHelen born about 1917

J Surnames

JewellClarence Bborn about 1900
JewellElaine born about 1932
JewellElsie born about 1905
JewellEugene born about 1926
JewellMarjorie born about 1924
JewellOroon born about 1936
JewellRoderick born about 1928
JewellWilliam born about 1934

M Surnames

McCaslinClara born about 1884
McCaslinClinton born about 1922
McCaslinHarold born about 1920
McCaslinRobert born about 1882
McDowellRalph born about 1927

S Surnames

SavageBessie Lborn about 1900
SavageElmer Wborn about 1925
SavageElzy Lborn about 1923
SavageElzy Wborn about 1891
SavageHattie born about 1890
SavageMargaret Eborn about 1921
SavageMarion Dborn about 1890

W Surnames

WehuntEdward Aborn about 1876
WehuntLily Cborn about 1879

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