1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cabot, Lonoke, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Lonoke County > 1940 Census of Cabot

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A Surnames

AldersonElizabeth born about 1855
AllenNettie born about 1874

B Surnames

BarentineCathrine born about 1922
BarentineEugene born about 1925
BarentineFrank born about 1898
BarentineHarold born about 1927
BarentineJas Eborn about 1926
BarentineVida born about 1897
BarentineViola born about 1903
BarentineWillus born about 1924
BarnwellThompson born about 1916
ByrdBernice born about 1911
ByrdBettie Jeanborn about 1933
ByrdBilly Joeborn about 1936
ByrdDarrel Glenborn about 1940
ByrdMattie born about 1909
ByrdPatricia born about 1938

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C Surnames

CathcartNellie born about 1912
ClevelandJas born about 1930

D Surnames

DavisJeff born about 1895

F Surnames

FosterGenevieve born about 1914
FosterTina born about 1904
FrancisRay born about 1892

G Surnames

Gray??? Ludyborn about 1885

H Surnames

HammonsLela born about 1884

L Surnames

LaforceEuclen born about 1905
LaforceMabel born about 1905
LowmanJack born about 1929
LowmanJas born about 1932

M Surnames

MartinI Jborn about 1866
MartinMattie Beleborn about 1872

P Surnames

PerryGeogia Leeborn about 1931
PerryJardar born about 1938
PerryMardell born about 1927
PerryNellie born about 1907
PerryOtto born about 1900
PerryRubaville born about 1925
PuckettGable Dorrisborn about 1900

S Surnames

SargeantFrank born about 1885
SargeantMary born about 1893
SikesAlbert Mborn about 1870

T Surnames

TolbertJack born about 1932
TolbertRoyce born about 1906
TolbertRuth born about 1915

W Surnames

WoollyFarrell born about 1926
WoollyGarland born about 1904
WoollyGene born about 1937
WoollyMarie born about 1908

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