1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cedar Terrace, Polk, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Polk County > 1940 Census of Cedar Terrace

D Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

D Surnames

DizmangChaney Eborn about 1873
DizmangChaney Oborn about 1934
DizmangEmma Eborn about 1883
DizmangFloy born about 1906
DizmangRaymond Jr born about 1936
DizmangThetter Mborn about 1906
DizmangVirgil Mborn about 1932

H Surnames

HartonArgus J Dborn about 1923
HartonEliza Vborn about 1881
HartonThomas Hborn about 1877

K Surnames

KennersonFlora Iborn about 1912
KennersonLuda Jborn about 1911

M Surnames

MarchCalvin Bborn about 1921
MarchDavid Gborn about 1927
MarchJessie Jborn about 1900
MarchJoe Lborn about 1924
MarchThomas Bborn about 1891

O Surnames

OglesbyDoris Aborn about 1924
OglesbyFannie Mborn about 1898
OglesbyJames Cborn about 1932
OglesbyJulius Aborn about 1896
OglesbyJulius Dborn about 1927
OglesbyMilburn Mborn about 1930

P Surnames

PowellAlvin born about 1899
PowellBetttie Jborn about 1935
PowellBonnie Fborn about 1937
PowellDelie Aborn about 1901
PowellEdna Lborn about 1928
PowellMarvin Aborn about 1930
PowellRay Jborn about 1925
PowellWanda Mborn about 1933

R Surnames

RidingsBenjamine Aborn about 1881
RossClarence born about 1914
RossLela Mborn about 1918

S Surnames

SmithRobert Aborn about 1894
SmithThelma born about 1927

W Surnames

WeatherfordClyde Aborn about 1933
WeatherfordEula Maeborn about 1924
WeatherfordImogene born about 1926
WeatherfordShirley Aborn about 1937

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