1940 U.S. Federal Census of Fayette, Calhoun, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Calhoun County > 1940 Census of Fayette

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A Surnames

AvantB Lborn about 1905
AvantB L Jrborn about 1936
AvantRose Mborn about 1931
AvantVirgie born about 1908
AvantWillie Fborn about 1927

B Surnames

BirdFrank born about 1882
BlannCarl born about 1900
BlannGid Jborn about 1877
BossKattie Mborn about 1913

C Surnames

CunninghamCarl Wborn about 1897
CunninghamCarlene born about 1930
CunninghamHoward Jr born about 1933
CunninghamLouise born about 1926
CunninghamRuth born about 1906

D Surnames

DuncanBilly Mborn about 1935
DuncanClarence born about 1906
DuncanDoyle Bborn about 1904
DuncanEdna born about 1904
DuncanEugene born about 1925
DuncanGeorgia born about 1908
DuncanHarold born about 1933
DuncanLamar born about 1923
DuncanLucian born about 1929
DuncanMarceline born about 1932
DuncanMartha born about 1929
DuncanPaul born about 1931
DuncanRoy born about 1927
DuncanTerrell born about 1928
DurdenMary born about 1934

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E Surnames

EarnstMary born about 1903
EderingtonKaty Wborn about 1920

F Surnames

FergersonHozy born about 1933
FergersonOna Lborn about 1931
FergersonTim born about 1890
FergersonWillie born about 1929
FletcherLouis born about 1890

G Surnames

GrantJim Wborn about 1893
GrantMolly born about 1905

H Surnames

HairetonGeneva born about 1919
HallBill born about 1905
HallJ Eborn about 1867
HallJ E Jrborn about 1910
HallLeon born about 1925
HallMay born about 1900
HannahBill Tborn about 1911
HannahMabel born about 1915
HanniganCatherine born about 1925
HanniganFrank born about 1903
HanniganMattie born about 1906
HayesFreddie Lborn about 1937
HicksChristine born about 1921
HicksHenry born about 1895
HicksJohn Hborn about 1926
HicksScott born about 1923

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J Surnames

JuniorDovie born about 1905
JuniorRalph born about 1898

M Surnames

MalonAcil born about 1917
MalonIdabelle born about 1920
MalonOdie Leeborn about 1938
MalonOdis born about 1915
McHenryJohn born about 1890
McHenryLou born about 1905

O Surnames

OliverLizy born about 1880

P Surnames

PickettJim born about 1902
PickettJohn Lborn about 1927
PickettLiza born about 1904
PickettMary Rborn about 1931
PorterBillie Jborn about 1935
PorterGladys born about 1909
PorterHaywood born about 1902
PorterMarie Dborn about 1930
PorterRaymond Iborn about 1939
PorterReitha born about 1927
PorterVance born about 1932

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R Surnames

ReedPastocia born about 1891
ReedWilliam Pborn about 1888
ReedWilliam Tborn about 1934
ReynoldsAnnie Lborn about 1894
ReynoldsBennie born about 1934
ReynoldsChristine born about 1918
ReynoldsHarold born about 1926
ReynoldsHelen Rborn about 1927
ReynoldsHorace Jr born about 1930
ReynoldsJames Tborn about 1921
ReynoldsLavesta born about 1938
ReynoldsMamie born about 1903
ReynoldsMilas born about 1932
ReynoldsOliver Eborn about 1886
ReynoldsOliver Pborn about 1924
ReynoldsRoy born about 1900
ReynoldsToft born about 1909
RowlandLois Cborn about 1907
RowlandR Wborn about 1898

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S Surnames

SmileyBarbara born about 1931
SmileyVirginia born about 1926
SmithAnnie born about 1908
SmithJames born about 1900
SmithJames born about 1939
SmithP Cborn about 1937
SmithW Cborn about 1935

W Surnames

WalkerChristine born about 1927
WalkerGeterene born about 1932
WalkerMary born about 1907
WalkerShedrick Eborn about 1900
WombleEtta Maeborn about 1918
WombleIsaac born about 1903
WysingerConnie born about 1872

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