1940 U.S. Federal Census of Fourche in Perry County, Perry, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Perry County > 1940 Census of Fourche in Perry County

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BlandDelia born about 1900
BlandJack born about 1924
BlandJoe born about 1894
BlehiArtie born about 1908

C Surnames

ChartonEmmett born about 1913

F Surnames

FleteherCarlton born about 1923

G Surnames

GrissonAnnetta born about 1923
GrissonNettie born about 1891
GrissonO'neal born about 1920
GrissonWilliam Fborn about 1889

L Surnames

LeighRose born about 1875

M Surnames

McCabeCeceila born about 1922
McCabeHattie born about 1891
McCabeJenette born about 1928
McCabeLaia born about 1891
McCabeMagaline born about 1920
McCabeMathew born about 1926
McCabeWader born about 1930

R Surnames

RankinBillie Fayborn about 1934
RankinCarrol born about 1923
RankinCecil born about 1902
RankinDorthy born about 1925
RankinJohnie born about 1930
RankinLilan Lborn about 1901
RankinMargret born about 1862
RankinMary born about 1901
RankinMaud born about 1901
RankinSib Aborn about 1882
RankinTeddy born about 1939

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S Surnames

SmithDaniel born about 1921
SmithMary born about 1901
SmithMobile Wborn about 1896
StoneOscar Lborn about 1905
StoneOscar Jr born about 1934
StoneRuth born about 1913

W Surnames

WatsonMagaline born about 1931
WatsonNora born about 1929
WhitfieldMargaret Jborn about 1871
WhitfieldVirgil Lborn about 1890
WhitfieldWilma born about 1895

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