1940 U.S. Federal Census of George, White, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > White County > 1940 Census of George

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AcreeOla Mborn about 1935
AcreeThomas Mborn about 1937

B Surnames

BurgasElsie Rborn about 1907
BurgasHarrey born about 1906
BurgasLouise born about 1915
BurgasShadidick* Alvaborn about 1906

C Surnames

CyprettFlarance Eborn about 1891
CyprettFred Eborn about 1917
CyprettGeorge Rborn about 1914
CyprettPark Hborn about 1887

F Surnames

FranksBertha born about 1920
FranksJessie born about 1890

H Surnames

HeathscottHubert Lborn about 1912
HeathscottJhon born about 1913
HeathscottJhon Pborn about 1935
HeathscottRalph born about 1934
HeathscottRose born about 1881
HeathscottRufus Lborn about 1937
HeathscottVera Jborn about 1933
HeathscottWaltor Wborn about 1878
HeathscottWayne Dborn about 1937
HeathscottWilma born about 1910

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I Surnames

InfantCaroleen Sborn about 1939

J Surnames

JefferyBob born about 1870

L Surnames

LogganLemuel Aborn about

M Surnames

McKeeBilly Jborn about 1937
McKeeFlosie Mborn about 1935

P Surnames

PankeyCarley born about 1931
PankeyOrval born about 1911
PankeySuda Mborn about 1910

R Surnames

RouseAddie Lborn about 1931
RouseAlta Fborn about 1927
RouseLucil Aborn about 1875
RouseMildren Oborn about 1928
RouseWillie Rborn about 1867

W Surnames

WarrenCordelia Eborn about 1890
WrightLuie Eborn about 1935
WrightLura Mborn about 1937
WrightNellie Jborn about 1912
WrightWesley Eborn about 1900

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