1940 U.S. Federal Census of Half Moon in Garland County, Garland, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Garland County > 1940 Census of Half Moon in Garland County

A Surnames B Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AveryEllen Mborn about 1926
AveryElmer born about 1921
AveryGeneva born about 1924
AveryGeorge born about 1875
AveryHarman born about 1916
AveryJesse born about 1913
AveryMargaret born about 1927
AveryMinnie born about 1891
AveryWilliam Hborn about 1925

B Surnames

BrewsterC Gborn about 1907
BrewsterGeorgia born about 1915
BrewsterVirginia Lborn about 1934

F Surnames

FaulknerEugene born about 1918

G Surnames

GoldenEmmett born about 1889
GoldenHattie born about 1892

H Surnames

HughesArthur born about 1913
HughesArthur Rborn about 1939
HughesEdna Mborn about 1936
HughesEva born about 1917

S Surnames

SheetsAdell born about 1903
SheetsFarris born about 1901
SheetsOlin born about 1926
SheetsThelma born about 1935
SingletonArnold Dborn about 1937
SingletonEffie born about 1912
SingletonLouie Wborn about 1910

T Surnames

ThomasIna Dborn about 1933
ThomasLeo born about 1939
ThomasM Pborn about 1910
ThomasNoda born about 1908
ThortonDonald born about 1938
ThortonIma Leeborn about 1937
ThortonLela born about 1917
ThortonWebster born about 1914
TinesHarrison born about 1909
TinesJ Eborn about 1913
TinesLona born about 1915
TinesOdie born about 1915
TinesWilma Fborn about 1936

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W Surnames

WiseAnna Mborn about 1918

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