1940 U.S. Federal Census of Harry Lee Addition, Lawrence, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Lawrence County > 1940 Census of Harry Lee Addition

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames M Surnames P Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BloomDavid born about 1869
BloomFannie born about 1873
BurrowHorace Eborn about 1894

C Surnames

ColbertJ Tborn about 1863

F Surnames

FloydAudrey born about 1922
FloydEtta born about 1885
FloydG Cborn about 1885
FloydL Gborn about 1917
FloydMary Onaborn about 1927
FostersFred born about 1898
FostersPerle born about 1901

G Surnames

GlassEdward Aborn about 1896
GlassLora Vborn about 1901
GlassPatricia born about 1927
GoldstonGlenda born about 1922
GoldstonJeanne born about 1923
GoldstonMyrtle born about 1905
GoldstonRobert Hborn about 1904

H Surnames

HatcherJames born about 1880
HubbardMary born about 1907

M Surnames

MasseyFrank born about 1883
MasseyOra born about 1888
MathisClyde born about 1893
MathisLola born about 1893
MathisStarling born about 1919
McLeodGeorge Eborn about 1939
McLeodMildred born about 1913
McLeodWarren Jborn about 1906

P Surnames

PonderAndrew born about 1917
PonderClyde Gborn about 1883
PonderHarry Lborn about 1873
PonderLester Mborn about 1913
PonderNancy Bborn about 1925
PopeElmer Dborn about 1898
PopeJessie Aborn about 1906
PopeThomas Cborn about 1926

W Surnames

WallsChas Rborn about 1939
WillifordSusie born about 1890

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