1940 U.S. Federal Census of Helburn, Madison, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Madison County > 1940 Census of Helburn

D Surnames F Surnames I Surnames J Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

D Surnames

DixonBilly Vborn about 1936
DixonDora Eborn about 1922
DixonJosepehina Mborn about 1924
DixonRuby Lborn about 1905
DixonWilliam Bborn about 1895

F Surnames

FlemingWillie Hborn about 1896
FrenchEunice Mborn about 1923
FrenchGertrude Eborn about 1900
FrenchOcal Lborn about 1925

I Surnames

IngramCurtis Rborn about 1939
IngramDona born about 1904
IngramLoleita Mborn about 1927
IngramNorman Eborn about 1930
IngramWilliam Bborn about 1893

J Surnames

JohnsonAlferd Mborn about 1867
JohnsonArdith Zborn about 1924
JohnsonArtis Aborn about 1897
JohnsonSandra Kborn about 1937
JohnsonViola born about 1877

K Surnames

KilgoreBobbie Jborn about 1935
KilgoreCharles Lborn about 1921
KilgoreLena born about 1901
KilgoreVergil Vborn about 1895
KilgoreVirgil V Jrborn about 1928

M Surnames

MoodyHazel born about 1921
MoodyJesse Eborn about 1893
MoodyMary Mborn about 1888

P Surnames

PharrisHerry Cborn about
PharrisShirley Jborn about 1937
PharrisVelma born about 1916

R Surnames

RobinsonMae Bborn about 1888
RobinsonMelvin Dborn about 1887
RobinsonWayne Cborn about 1925

S Surnames

ShinnClement Eborn about 1899
ShinnClement Edgerborn about 1922
ShinnGene Wborn about 1926
ShinnJewel Mborn about 1904
SmithLee Hborn about 1921

T Surnames

TurnerMarie Lborn about 1922

W Surnames

WandCaroline born about 1858

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