1940 U.S. Federal Census of Herd, Stone, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Stone County > 1940 Census of Herd

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BenbrookC Henryborn about 1896
BenbrookCharles Howardborn about 1927
BenbrookEdnalee born about 1919
BenbrookHazel Mborn about 1930
BenbrookJ Wborn about 1933
BenbrookSusan Hborn about 1900

C Surnames

CampbellCharles Edwinborn about 1939
CampbellEmma born about 1911
CampbellHerman born about 1914

F Surnames

ForsterCharles Jborn about 1906
ForsterSybil born about 1919

H Surnames

HankinsLottie born about 1903
HankinsTom born about 1894

J Surnames

JhnsonAlfred Eborn about 1875

L Surnames

LesterBertha born about 1903
LesterBrine Edfordborn about 1932
LesterChristoper Cborn about 1905
LesterLorene born about 1925
LesterLoyd born about 1919
LesterW Lborn about 1936

R Surnames

RamseyCarmon born about 1921
RamseyColmon born about 1915
RamseyFannie born about 1939

S Surnames

SmithAmy born about 1871
SmithAnna born about 1903
SmithFloyd born about 1905
SmithFloyd Jr born about 1933
SmithMadaline born about 1929
SmithMildred born about 1924
SmithMriel born about 1927
SmithRuth Annborn about 1937
StaggsCharlie Bborn about 1890
StaggsDonald born about 1928
StaggsElmer born about 1925
StaggsJ Rborn about 1915
StaggsM Oralborn about 1891

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W Surnames

WheatakersHarrson Kborn about 1909
WheatakersJames Wborn about 1934
WheatakersLeroy born about 1935
WheatakersMamie born about 1914

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