1940 U.S. Federal Census of Indian Bayou in Marion County, Marion, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Marion County > 1940 Census of Indian Bayou in Marion County

H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

H Surnames

HeardChess born about 1883
HeardEdna born about 1916
HeardEmma born about 1890
HeardGeneva born about 1925
HeardInez born about 1923
HeardLillie Maeborn about 1925
HeardMildred born about 1922
HeardMoris Roseborn about 1931
HeardTom born about 1884
HeardWilliam Fborn about 1887
HesedCecil born about 1918
HesedDonald Eborn about 1938
HesedJoyce Katherynborn about 1939
HesedMage born about 1915

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J Surnames

JohnsonHelen born about 1939
JohnsonLeonard born about 1936

M Surnames

McEntireElma born about 1924
McEntireEulis born about 1922
McEntireLafayette born about 1890
McEntireVirgie born about 1902
MorrisArthur Allenborn about 1937
MorrisJames Clintonborn about 1939
MorrisMary Ednaborn about 1917
MorrisWillard born about 1911

T Surnames

TrammellDella born about 1874
TrammellElsie born about 1905
TrammellH Gborn about 1938
TrammellPaul born about 1928
TrammellWillard born about 1904

V Surnames

VanzandtCarl born about 1913
VanzandtEssie born about 1912
VanzandtWilliam Dayborn about 1938

W Surnames

WilliamsBoss born about 1888
WilliamsMarie born about 1925
WilliamsMurl Dborn about 1928
WilliamsVirgie born about 1900
WilsonDora born about 1897
WilsonElmer born about 1896

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