1940 U.S. Federal Census of Lapine, Union, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Union County > 1940 Census of Lapine

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A Surnames

AdamsAnnie Aborn about 1901
AdamsEdward Fborn about 1901
AdamsFloyd Dborn about 1923
AdamsGeorge Eborn about 1938
AdamsMargerat Jborn about 1927
AdamsMary Bborn about 1922
AdamsMaurine Rborn about 1933
AveniusC Vborn about 1916
AveryJames Lborn about 1920

B Surnames

BoltonA Gborn about 1900
BoltonAg Jr born about 1925
BoltonAnita Fborn about 1937
BoltonHercey Dborn about 1929
BoltonR Ordellaborn about 1905
BoltonRegena Aborn about 1933
BuswellMattie Pborn about 1871

C Surnames

CarterChesly Jborn about 1911
CarterMarlyn born about 1916
CasonEdith born about 1916
CasonHomer Lborn about 1912
CasonJohn Cborn about 1939
CasonRobert Fborn about 1937
ChoateClara Dborn about 1933
ChoateIrene born about 1932
ChoateL Henryborn about 1936
ChoateOllie Kborn about 1927
ChoateOllie Mborn about 1908
CooperBilly Cborn about 1930
CooperClyde Cborn about 1904
CooperMarcie Mborn about 1909

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D Surnames

DabbsDora Mborn about 1905
DabbsJack Cborn about 1938
DabbsLester Jborn about 1904
DabbsLester Jborn about 1933
DabbsMyrtle Jborn about 1931
DabbsWalter Mborn about 1935
DickensonVerda Oborn about 1901
DickensonW Reedborn about 1869
DunnFuler Lborn about 1880
DuvallDorothy Mborn about 1912
DuvallHarold Rborn about 1911
DuvallMichael Rborn about 1936
DuvallRudland born about 1938

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F Surnames

FullertonBarbra Eborn about 1934
FullertonGlenda Rborn about 1936
FullertonMay Woodborn about 1912
FullertonRonald Jborn about 1937
FullertonRoy Bborn about 1909
FullertonRoy Lborn about 1939

H Surnames

HeadArvin Rborn about 1910
HeadHickery born about 1906
HeadLucille born about 1911
HeadLuella born about 1906
HumphriesBarbra Jborn about 1934
HumphriesCharles Lborn about 1906
HumphriesHarold Lborn about 1931
HumphriesJerry Eborn about 1938
HumphriesOva Eborn about 1911

J Surnames

JohnsonRobert Wborn about 1925

K Surnames

KnoxIla Mborn about 1918
KnoxTracy Lborn about 1916

M Surnames

McCartneyAlma Gborn about 1938
McCartneyAubrey born about 1907
McCartneyElecta Jborn about 1912
McCartneyFrankie Eborn about 1926
McCartneyHarold Rborn about 1914
McCartneyL Bruceborn about 1922
McCartneyLettie Aborn about 1916
McCartneyMary Lborn about 1890
McCartneyRobert Rborn about 1878
MerrellAugustin Nborn about 1880
MerrellElmer born about 1924
MerrellHarold Bborn about 1922
MerrellM Elizabethborn about 1887
MooreC Russellborn about 1894
MooreKathryn born about 1924
MooreMargerat Lborn about 1894

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S Surnames

SimpsonCarrie Eborn about 1902
SimpsonJ Leeborn about 1902
SimpsonJimmie Lborn about 1936
SimpsonRalph Rborn about 1939
StockamerM Opalborn about 1892
StockamerPaul G Wborn about 1928
StockamerRalph Wborn about 1885
StockamerRalph W Jborn about 1919

T Surnames

TaylorDorothy born about 1924
TaylorGeraldine born about 1921
TaylorJoe born about 1885
TaylorJoe Jr born about 1919
TaylorJulia Nborn about 1929
TaylorReba Rborn about 1927
TerrellErnest Nborn about 1917
TerrellJessie Sborn about 1915
ThompsonClyde Cborn about 1907
ThompsonFloyd born about 1920
ThompsonFred born about 1898
ThompsonGlenn born about 1930
ThompsonJames Wborn about 1928
ThompsonLonie Bborn about 1894
ThompsonLoyd born about 1920
ThompsonM Aliceborn about 1898
ThompsonOdessa Lborn about 1910
ThompsonRobert Fborn about 1934
ThompsonRoy Fborn about 1918
ThompsonW Crawfordborn about 1887
TillmanClarence Hborn about 1891
TillmanLesh Fborn about 1896

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V Surnames

VestalAnnie Pearleborn about 1909
VestalNancy Lborn about 1887
VestalW Lesterborn about 1921
VestalWilliam Wborn about 1881

W Surnames

WardB Williamborn about 1869
WardClara born about 1869
WardGordon born about 1901
WardVirgie born about 1904
WilliamsCarl Aborn about 1897
WilliamsCarla Jborn about 1930
WilliamsLouranne born about 1924
WilliamsR Kathrynborn about 1897

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