1940 U.S. Federal Census of Mansfield, Sebastian, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Sebastian County > 1940 Census of Mansfield

D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames

D Surnames

DawdyDaisy born about 1882
DawdyEugene born about 1920
DawdyWilliam Eborn about 1879

F Surnames

FryMrs Margaret Aborn about 1865

G Surnames

GoffGermon born about 1922
GoffLorine born about 1927
GoffMaggie born about 1904
GoffMarvin Iborn about 1897
GoffVernon born about 1924

H Surnames

HolfCarrie born about 1915
HolfGeorge Cborn about 1913
HolfMarcelle born about 1938
HolfThelma Deanborn about 1935
HolfThenda Rborn about 1939

J Surnames

JudyMrs ??? Eborn about 1856

L Surnames

LewisLula born about 1882

M Surnames

MarshElgar Eborn about 1909
MarshJo Annborn about
MarshLeon born about 1936
MarshRuth born about 1917
MartinGeorgann born about 1876
MartinSam Hborn about 1874

N Surnames

NolenBelly Joeborn about 1928
NolenClara born about 1894
NolenEmily born about 1927
NolenJames born about 1931
NolenJohnie born about 1933

P Surnames

PaintsHollis Rayborn about 1926
PaintsJohn Rborn about 1936
PaintsMary Jimborn about 1931
PaintsPerry Kborn about 1922

R Surnames

RileyMrs Alice born about 1879
RileyPearl born about 1917

S Surnames

SandersCleo born about 1926
SandersGladys born about 1922
SandersHarold born about 1923
SandersLynn born about 1890
SandersVallria born about 1897

T Surnames

ThompsonJohn Hborn about 1918
ThompsonMary born about 1917

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