1940 U.S. Federal Census of McIlroy, Franklin, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Franklin County > 1940 Census of McIlroy

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames

A Surnames

AddyMallie born about 1910
AddyRaymond born about 1908
AshBettie Rborn about 1927
AshBillie born about 1928
AshCarl born about 1939
AshDonald born about 1931
AshJinnie born about 1937
AshMargrie born about 1933
AshMarrilyn born about 1924
AshMary Eborn about 1902
AshPatrick born about 1936
AshPhyllis born about 1922
AshWilliam born about 1900

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B Surnames

BakerClifford born about 1938
BakerJessie born about 1918
BakerJohn Wborn about 1908
BarhamEvelyn born about 1928
BarhamMarie born about 1911
BarhamSeldon born about 1904
BarhamWilliam Hborn about 1935

C Surnames

ChildersBittie Gborn about 1936
ChildersCirten born about 1915
ChildersDaisy born about 1883
ChildersJay Eborn about 1929
ChildersJesse born about 1878
ChildersJohn born about 1894
ChildersMay born about 1896
ChildersOscar born about 1913
ChildersThurman born about 1921
ChildersVernon born about 1939

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D Surnames

DeanAllie born about 1881
DeanEdna born about 1882
DeanJifferson Cborn about 1875
DickersonAmanda born about 1878
DickersonElroy born about 1901
DickersonEula Mborn about 1915
DickersonNina Fborn about 1937
DickersonWilliam Lborn about 1936
DickersonWilliam Rborn about 1868

H Surnames

HodgeAron born about 1890
HodgeCara born about 1906
HodgeGeorgia Lborn about 1933
HodgeHomer born about 1929
HodgeRuth born about 1925

J Surnames

JamesClyde Cborn about 1897
JamesJohn Wborn about 1919
JamesLetha Vborn about 1925
JamesMary Jborn about 1901
JamesRuby Jborn about 1923
JamesWilliam Rborn about 1868

M Surnames

MorganCarl born about 1922
MorganJames Eborn about 1911
MorganMary born about 1887
MorganThomas Bborn about 1878
MorganTinnie born about 1910

P Surnames

ParkerJohn Eborn about 1868
ParkerOffa Aborn about 1908
ParkerRachel Cborn about 1874

S Surnames

StephensAlfard born about 1916
StephensBertha born about 1894
StephensEllis born about 1922
StephensHallie born about 1925
StephensHerbert born about 1929
StephensLucy born about 1932
StephensManders born about 1920
StephensOla born about 1927
StephensSid born about 1905

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