1940 U.S. Federal Census of Montgomery in Montgomery County, Montgomery, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Montgomery County > 1940 Census of Montgomery in Montgomery County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AndersonMaratha born about 1903
AndersonPoul born about 1935
AndersonWilliam born about 1894
AndersonZenoria born about 1892

B Surnames

BrakefieldEva born about 1920
BrakefieldGeneva born about 1918
BrakefieldGracie born about 1898
BrakefieldJoe Jborn about 1897
BrakefieldJoe Joniorborn about 1927
BrakefieldRudalph born about 1926
BrakefieldWilliam born about 1922

C Surnames

CovingtonCara Lborn about 1893
CovingtonMarion Tborn about 1888

G Surnames

GarrettClude Bborn about 1914
GarrettDean Aborn about 1940
GarrettJames Mborn about 1939
GarrettKate Lborn about 1914

H Surnames

HumbleGerldine born about 1929
HumbleTerry born about 1925
HumbleThelma Eborn about 1903

R Surnames

RobbinsBertha Lborn about 1932
RobbinsDaiybelle born about 1925
RobbinsJone Lborn about 1929
RobbinsMattie born about 1896
RobbinsNancy born about 1935
RobbinsRedge born about 1894

S Surnames

ScottLucille born about 1913
ScottWilliam Wborn about 1899
SheffieldJoe Rborn about 1929
SheffieldJohnnie born about 1927
StandridgeEmma born about 1882
StandridgeJames born about 1861
StandridgeLeta born about 1925

T Surnames

TollesonDora born about 1899
TollesonThomas born about 1892

W Surnames

WaidLule born about 1878
WarnekeDecie born about 1910
WarnekeInfant born about 1940
WarnekeMaragaret born about 1938
WarnekeWilliam born about 1906

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