1940 U.S. Federal Census of Mosuey, Phillips, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Phillips County > 1940 Census of Mosuey

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames P Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BlackburnEdward Wborn about 1910
BlackburnHugh Cborn about 1922
BlackburnLois born about 1882
BlackburnTabitha born about 1911
BlackburnTabitha Aborn about 1918
BlandArnetia born about 1939
BlandBishop born about 1900
BlandBishop Jr born about 1922
BlandLouise born about 1936
BlandLucy born about 1901
BlandSteve born about 1932
BurkeLarkie born about 1888
BurkeOscar Mborn about 1884

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C Surnames

CanadaMatilda born about 1902
CanadaWilliam M Kborn about 1900
ClarkAndrew born about 1909
ClarkMarrison born about 1933
ClarkParine born about 1918

F Surnames

FatKo Jborn about 1923
FloydFerba born about 1917
FloydJames Jborn about 1873
FloydMaybelle born about 1880

G Surnames

GrayCecil Jborn about 1933
GrayCharley Eborn about 1937
GrayDellie Bborn about 1935
GrayMarion Sborn about 1931
GrayMerrell Lborn about 1932

P Surnames

PerkinsClabe born about 1897
PerkinsMamie born about 1898
PittsOlie born about 1921
PittsUless Gborn about 1869

S Surnames

ShewK Dborn about 1896
SingKoah born about 1912
SmithEddie Lborn about 1939
SmithHenry born about 1910
SmithHenry Jr born about 1937
SmithRose Lborn about 1916

W Surnames

WashingtonJoseph born about 1937
WashingtonJosephine born about 1896
WashingtonLeon born about 1894

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