1940 U.S. Federal Census of North Wheatley, St Francis, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > St Francis County > 1940 Census of North Wheatley

B Surnames G Surnames J Surnames N Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BeardAnnabelle born about 1921
BeardGladys born about 1900
BeardJack born about 1927
BeardMary born about 1923
BeardMildred born about 1925
BeardVirginia born about 1937
BeardW Gborn about 1897

G Surnames

GuyGoverner Dborn about 1901
GuyGoverner Jr born about 1938
GuyHorace born about 1930
GuyInoscia born about 1905
GuyJosephine born about 1936
GuyMathew born about 1934
GuyWillie born about 1923

J Surnames

JonesHettie Bellborn about 1867
JonesJohn born about 1866

N Surnames

NunnDaniel born about 1940

P Surnames

PrivettExcell born about 1920
PrivettFashion born about 1938
PrivettRodger born about 1917
PrivettSam born about 1935
PrivettSammie born about 1910
PrivettWalter born about 1886

S Surnames

SmithElisa born about 1922
SmithIsaac born about 1898
SmithJohnnie born about 1923
SmithWillie born about 1897

T Surnames

ThorntonArthur born about 1893
ThorntonWillie born about 1904

W Surnames

WaltersJ Bborn about 1917
WatsonArrie born about 1902
WatsonEssaw born about 1938
WatsonEstella born about 1923
WatsonJ Dborn about 1931
WatsonJessie born about 1900
WatsonJessie Leeborn about 1927
WatsonLaw Vaughnborn about 1933
WatsonMilo born about 1935
WatsonRobert Leeborn about 1929
WigginsWilliam born about 1922

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