1940 U.S. Federal Census of Shores, Franklin, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Franklin County > 1940 Census of Shores

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BondesAnnie Dborn about 1915
BondesCharles Hborn about 1908
BondesFlorence Lborn about 1888
BondesFrankie born about 1936
BondesIdus born about 1938
BondesJunita Mborn about 1934

C Surnames

CampbellGeneva Mborn about 1932
CampbellGerald born about 1939
CampbellJerry Dborn about 1937
CampbellJosephine born about 1935
CampbellMattie Eborn about 1912
CampbellRichard Lborn about 1880
CampbellWilliam Lborn about 1912

G Surnames

GriffinBruce Cborn about 1904
GriffinGeorge Vborn about 1932
GriffinJoe Lborn about 1936
GriffinLois Eborn about 1908

H Surnames

HornCharles born about 1911
HornCharles Kborn about 1935
HornIva Vborn about 1907
HornKarmit Lborn about 1939

J Surnames

JohnsonElizabeth born about 1871
JohnsonEthel born about 1919
JohnsonJames Hborn about 1892
JohnsonLenzy born about 1917
JohnsonOwen born about 1919
JohnsonRetha born about 1919
JohnsonTrecie Lborn about 1921

R Surnames

RoatEstelle Cborn about 1935
RoatHerman Lborn about 1928
RoatMaudie Mborn about 1908
RoatSamuel Cborn about 1908

S Surnames

ShoresHomer Aborn about 1910
ShoresKatherine Lborn about 1934
ShoresLois born about 1915

W Surnames

WaggleyAmy born about 1866

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