1940 U.S. Federal Census of Sulphur in Van Buren County, Van Buren, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Van Buren County > 1940 Census of Sulphur in Van Buren County

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames

B Surnames

BarnomJ Dborn about 1933
BarnomJames Jborn about 1931
BarnomJim born about 1868
BarnomLocil Mborn about 1928
BarnomPairlee born about 1893
BornumBettie Mborn about 1928
BornumChester born about 1901
BornumDallas born about 1902
BornumFay born about 1934
BornumHazel Nborn about 1931
BornumWayne Dborn about 1928
BradfordChester Hborn about 1922
BradfordEddward born about 1936
BradfordErnest A Bborn about 1900
BradfordGeorge Wborn about 1893
BradfordHellen Rborn about 1930
BradfordIla Mborn about 1906
BradfordMaryet Sborn about 1879
BradfordMaybel born about 1898
BradfordRoy Hborn about 1927
BradfordRoy Wborn about 1925
BrathersEdd born about 1875
BrathersLue Lborn about 1872

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C Surnames

ChalkAmos Aborn about 1905
ChalkBuford Eborn about 1938
ChalkCleba Mborn about 1906
ChalkDelia born about 1885
ChalkDessie born about 1889
ChalkEarl Lborn about 1936
ChalkEffie Mborn about 1928
ChalkJ Wborn about 1881
ChalkLuther Aborn about 1923
ChalkNellie Mborn about 1920
ChalkOla Mborn about 1916
ChalkOlvin born about 1913
ChalkP Jborn about 1931
CrawfordAtheline born about 1911
CrawfordCorene born about 1933
CrawfordCossei born about 1864
CrawfordEvelene Oborn about 1931
CrawfordEveline born about 1931
CrawfordHelen born about 1936
CrawfordImogine born about 1929
CrawfordJohn Aborn about 1939
CrawfordLorine born about 1934
CrawfordWesley born about 1907
CrawfordWillma Mborn about 1933

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D Surnames

DavisDove born about 1882
DavisMary born about 1877

G Surnames

GilmoreEaster Lborn about 1922

H Surnames

HiceJack Fborn about 1910
HiceJames Leeborn about 1938
HiceNova born about 1907

L Surnames

LewallenBillie Lborn about 1939
LewallenEvie Eborn about 1888
LewallenJames Fborn about 1938
LewallenPauline Eborn about 1918
LewallenTom born about 1924
LewallenWilliam Eborn about 1916
LewallenWilliam Fborn about 1876

M Surnames

MarkcomChester born about 1922
MarkcomDavie Fborn about 1939
MarkcomMytte born about 1920
MilamLoss born about 1922
MilamNell born about 1913

P Surnames

ParishClyde born about 1924
PayneBen Dborn about 1863
PayneCharles Fborn about 1934
PayneDaesy Mborn about 1938
PayneEarl Eborn about 1931
PayneEdgar Wborn about 1893
PayneElgwy born about 1928
PayneEmely Eborn about 1930
PayneJois Vborn about 1939
PayneKnith born about 1918
PayneKnith Jborn about 1939
PayneLena born about 1922
PayneMaggie born about 1911
PayneMarry Lborn about 1875
PayneMylisa born about 1873
PayneSimon Pborn about 1867
PayneThomas Cborn about 1933
PayneWenston born about 1922
PorterJewel Rborn about 1895
PorterMinnie born about 1883

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R Surnames

RiceCasey Jborn about 1916
RiceHullen Cborn about 1938
RiceLois Hborn about 1922
RussGladdas born about 1902
RussHard born about 1928
RussRobert born about 1899

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