1940 U.S. Federal Census of Texarkana, Miller, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Miller County > 1940 Census of Texarkana

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A Surnames

AcrumenAnne born about 1881
AcrumenL Cborn about 1870
AllenElizabeth Orrborn about 1896
AllenGuy Jborn about 1893
AllenJack Warrenborn about 1925
AllenWilliam Edwardborn about 1928
ArnoldDavid born about 1922
ArnoldHilda born about 1900
ArnoldHilda born about 1923
ArnoldJessie born about 1927

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C Surnames

CahillCeline Stborn about 1908
CallahanVianney Stborn about 1908
CollinsWalter born about 1875
CooperEolyd Eborn about 1892
CooperViola Fborn about 1901

D Surnames

DalyRegina Stborn about 1890
DavisBetty Jborn about 1926
DavisFrank Aborn about 1897
DavisFrank A Jrborn about 1928
DavisLaura Mborn about 1924
DavisMargeret born about 1905
DonovanBaptista Stborn about 1889
DunnMildred Stborn about 1892

E Surnames

EdmundsonRobert Eborn about 1908
EdwardsAnna Florenceborn about 1907

F Surnames

FanningAengus Stborn about 1902
FieldIola Edwardsborn about 1894
FieldTalbots born about 1880
ForteyMary Tborn about 1895

G Surnames

GarnerG Wborn about 1904
GarnerGladys born about 1913
GrahamFred born about 1932
GrahamHugh born about 1937
GrahamJennie Margeretborn about 1929
GrahamLois born about 1907
GrahamO Lborn about 1905
GrahamOtis born about 1936
GrigsonBobby Hborn about

H Surnames

HartnettCosmas Stborn about 1913
HaynesW Eborn about 1918
HoffmanHarry born about 1892
HughesGabriella Stborn about 1909

L Surnames

LockeAngie born about 1875
LockeCora born about 1905
LockeWilliam born about 1904
LorainBasil Stborn about 1891
LynchVincentia Stborn about 1907

M Surnames

MaloneCornish born about 1895
MaloneLena born about 1912
MaloufMartha born about 1875
McCorthyDolores Stborn about 1875

P Surnames

PerkinsHerbert Wborn about 1921
PetchinskyAdolph Eborn about
PreddyRaymond Rborn about

R Surnames

RevboyleP Hborn about 1875

S Surnames

SchneigerJ Mborn about 1889
SchneigerJuanita born about 1894
SchoeppelVirgil born about 1917
SmythAurelia Stborn about 1908
StapletonFrancis Stborn about 1902

W Surnames

WebberThomas E Iiiborn about 1924
WinhamAllie Maxwellborn about 1895

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