1940 U.S. Federal Census of West Garland, St Francis, Arkansas

Census index courtesy of RootsPoint.com

USA > Arkansas > St Francis County > 1940 Census of West Garland

C Surnames D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

C Surnames

CrosbyElla born about 1937

D Surnames

DavisCharlie born about 1900
DavisElla born about 1910
DavisEsker Lborn about 1927
DavisMitchel born about 1928
DavisRuth born about 1919
DentunGeorge born about 1870
DentunWillie born about 1902

H Surnames

HornGeorge born about 1885
HornMary born about 1886
HuntMary Lborn about 1939

J Surnames

JacksonIrena born about 1929
JacksonRosie Lborn about 1906
JordanCharlie born about 1922
JordanDellene born about 1933
JordanJohnie Lborn about 1927
JordanMary born about 1895
JordanRichard born about 1894
JordanWillis Mborn about 1925

M Surnames

MillerAgnes born about 1895
MillerJoe born about 1907

P Surnames

PattonAlmatine born about 1921
PattonAlmita born about 1900
PattonJohn born about 1898
PattonNaomi born about 1923

R Surnames

RobertsCharlie born about 1920
RobertsDelia born about 1927
RobertsJackson born about 1880
RobertsLucile born about 1920
RobertsNathan born about 1913
RobertsPearline born about 1924
RobertsWillie Eborn about 1936

T Surnames

TabbEula Bborn about 1939
TabbJames born about 1922
TabbNettie born about 1924

W Surnames

WillisEmma Eborn about 1927
WillisFloyd born about 1931
WillisPlummer born about 1879
WillisSam Lborn about 1929
WillisTom born about 1932

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