1940 U.S. Federal Census of Whitten, Mississippi, Arkansas

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USA > Arkansas > Mississippi County > 1940 Census of Whitten

B Surnames D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames S Surnames

B Surnames

BaskenLucie born about 1859

D Surnames

DukeClifton born about 1920
DukeIda born about 1892
DukeJohnie Mayborn about 1929
DukeTom born about 1878
DukeVerlether born about 1922

H Surnames

HibblerGeorge born about 1905
HibblerHattie born about 1906
HibblerJake born about 1926
HibblerJohnie born about 1924
HowlenEd Earlborn about 1922
HowlenHattie Mayborn about 1907
HowlenJohn Dborn about 1898
HowlenJohn Dborn about 1924
HowlenMattie born about 1931

J Surnames

JonesEddie born about 1922
JonesJoe Leaborn about 1931
JonesMay Alisborn about 1933
JonesOlie born about 1891
JonesSamford born about 1927
JonesWill born about 1892
JonesWillie Bborn about 1924

M Surnames

MasihBroze born about 1934
MasihMarry born about 1915
MasihMonroe born about 1910
MasihOra Leeborn about 1939
MasihRichard born about 1932
MasihRuby born about 1935
MasihSherley born about 1937
MasihVictoria born about 1940
MasihWhitley born about 1885

S Surnames

SimSara born about 1884
SimsB Jborn about 1903
SimsB Jborn about 1937
SimsDarthey Mayborn about 1938
SimsDavid born about 1940
SimsElize born about 1914
SimsJoshway born about 1935
SimsKaty Leeborn about 1933

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