Batesville Genealogy (in Independence County, AR)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Batesville Cemetery Records

Barnes Cemetery Find a Grave

Kyler Cemetery Find a Grave

Mount Zion Cemetery Find a Grave

Roselawn Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Batesville Church Records

The first hundred years : of the First Methodist Church in Batesville, Arkansas Family History Library

Worthy of much praise : a history of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Batesville, Arkansas, from its earliest beginnings to 1952 Family History Library

Batesville Newspapers and Obituaries

A Newspaper history of Cave City, Arkansas : excerpts from the Sharp County record, Batesville guard, Batesville record and Newark journal newspapers 1877-1959 Family History Library

Batesville AK Independent Blance 1856-1859 Fulton History

Batesville Bee. (Batesville, Ark.) 1883-1880s Huntington Library Art Gallery and Gardens

Batesville Daily Guard 1907-1924

Batesville Daily Guard. (Batesville, Ark.) 1912-1924 Multiple Archives

Batesville Daily News. (Batesville, Ark.) 1946-1947 Arkansas Hist Commission

Batesville Guard 1877-1936

Batesville Guard. (Batesville, Ark.) 1924-Current Arkansas Hist Commission

Batesville Guard. (Batesville, Independence Co., Ark.) 1877-1932 Multiple Archives

Batesville News Review. (Batesville, Ark.) 1933-1958 Multiple Archives

Batesville News. (Batesville, Ark.) 1838-1843 Multiple Archives

Batesville Record 1928-1929

Batesville Record. (Batesville, Independence County, Ark.) 1915-1982 Multiple Archives

Batesville Republican. (Batesville, Ark.) 1868-1876 Multiple Archives

Batesville Weekly Bee. (Batesville, Ark.) 1892-1890s Multiple Archives

Daily Guard. (Batesville, Ark.) 1905-1912 Multiple Archives

Democratic Sentinel. (Batesville [Ark.]) 1859-1861 Multiple Archives

Farmers' and Laborers' Union Journal. (Batesville, Independence County, Ark.) 1877-1890 Arkansas History Commission

Independence County News. (Batesville, Ark.) 1905-1907 Arkansas History Commission

Independent Balance. (Batesville, Ark.) 1856-1862 Multiple Archives

North Arkansas 1843-1844

North Arkansas Pilot. (Batesville, Ark.) 1879-1888 Multiple Archives

North Arkansas Times. (Batesville, Ark.) 1866-1877 Multiple Archives

Weekly Bee. (Batesville, Ark.) 1890s-1905 Multiple Archives

Batesville School Records

Batesville, AR Arkansas College Seniors & Juniors 1927 Old Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes Arkansas College 1925) Ancestry