Clarksville Genealogy (in Johnson County, AR)

USA (618,007) > Arkansas (7,543) > Johnson County (104) > Clarksville (26)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Clarksville Cemetery Records

Canter Cemetery Billion Graves

Carter Cemetery Find a Grave

Hays Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Hogan Cemetery Find a Grave

Holy Redeemer Cemetery Find a Grave

Lone Pine Cemetery Find a Grave

Shady Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Stillwell Cemetery Find a Grave

Union Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Woodland Memorial Cemetery Find a Grave

Clarksville Marriage Records

Johnson County Marriage Records ; County Clerk's Office, Clarksville, Arkansas, Book "P" Arkansas River Valley Regional Library System

Clarksville Newspapers and Obituaries

Arkansas Standard. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1868-1860s Boston Athenaeum

Arkansas Taxpayer. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1922-1924 University of Arkansas

Clarksville Democrat. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1909-1918 Multiple Archives

Clarksville Enterprise. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1873-1874 Multiple Archives

Clarksville Enterprise. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1883-1884 University of Arkansas

Clarksville Herald. (Clarksville, Johnson County [Ark.]) 1876-1882 Arkansas History Commission

Clarksville Laborers' Herald. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1882-1884 Multiple Archives

Herald-Democrat and the Johnson County News. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1927-1928 Arkansas Hist Commission

Herald-Democrat. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1918-1927 Arkansas History Commission

Herald-Democrat. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1928-1974 Multiple Archives

Herald-Democrat. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1936-1939 Arkansas History Commission

Johnson County Graphic. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1958-Current Multiple Archives

Johnson County Herald. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1890s-1918 Multiple Archives

Johnson County News. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1920s-1927 Arkansas Hist Commission

Johnson County Weekly Graphic. (Clarksville, Ark.) 1934-1957 Arkansas History Commission