De Witt Genealogy (in Arkansas County, AR)

USA (880,998) > Arkansas (13,438) > Arkansas County (171) > De Witt (16)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

De Witt Cemetery Records

Cedarcrest Memorial Gardens Find a Grave

Chute Cemetery Find a Grave

Forks LaGrue Cemetery Find a Grave

McDaniel Cemetery Find a Grave

Morning Glory Cemetery Find a Grave

Percent Photographed Hearns Cemetery Find a Grave

Roach Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Thompson Cemetery Find a Grave

De Witt Death Records

Records of Essex Funeral Home, DeWitt, Ark., 1915-1943 Family History Library

De Witt Newspapers and Obituaries

Dewitt Enterprise. (Dewitt, Arkansas County, Ark.) 1916-1929 Multiple Archives

Dewitt Era-Enterprise. (Dewitt, Ark.) 1929-Current Multiple Archives

Dewitt Gazette. (Dewitt, Arkansas County, Ark.) 1883-1891 Arkansas History Commission

Dewitt New Era. (Dewitt, Ark.) 1891-1929 Multiple Archives

Indicator. (De Witt, Ark.) 1875-1870s Multiple Archives

De Witt School Records

De Witt High School Dragon Yearbook 1974 (De Witt) E Yearbooks

U.S. School Yearbooks Index (includes De Witt High School 1974) Ancestry

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