1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bodie, Mono, California

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USA > California > Mono County > 1940 Census of Bodie

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A Surnames

ArboniusPete born about 1894

B Surnames

BaconJohn Wborn about 1911
BakkenJohn Hborn about 1914
BellEarl Wborn about 1891
BellGordon born about 1919
BellLester Lborn about 1888
BellLouise born about 1885
BellRobert Tborn about 1914
BertolottiAlice born about 1914
BertolottiJohn born about 1915
BettmontArlena Eborn about 1934
BettmontDale Eborn about 1938
BettmontEunice Eborn about 1915
BettmontFrank Wborn about 1900
BettmontLawrence Rborn about 1935
BoyleJames Jborn about 1873

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C Surnames

CainConrad Bborn about 1913
CainMaxine Hborn about 1913
CoffinDorothy Aborn about 1906
CoffinPatrick Rborn about 1938
CoffinStanley Eborn about 1900
CostelloPat Jborn about 1884
CriswellLuise Aborn about 1878

D Surnames

DolanAnnabelle born about 1939
DolanEleanor born about 1918
DolanHarford born about 1913
DuertHenry Sborn about 1892
DuertMarjorie born about 1897

E Surnames

EckmanHenry Aborn about 1912

F Surnames

FarrellBarbara Jborn about 1934
FarrellEunice born about 1914
FarrellIrene Eborn about 1932
FarrellOtis born about 1904
FosterBonita Aborn about 1909
FosterElanor Sborn about 1940
FosterFrank Eborn about 1908
FosterJacquline Mborn about 1937
FosterLilian Bborn about 1933

G Surnames

GrayJohn Eborn about 1885
GrayLarry Eborn about 1921
GrayLauretta born about 1902
GrayMaryland Lborn about 1923
GrayRobert Aborn about 1938
GregorySpence Mborn about 1890
GundersonGeorge Aborn about 1876

H Surnames

HayesCharles Cborn about 1887
HiseJay Lborn about 1922
HiseJoseph Rborn about 1867
HiseRose Bborn about 1884
HolmesMartha Aborn about 1916
HolmesWilfred Aborn about 1917

J Surnames

JacobsonWilliam Aborn about 1883

K Surnames

KirkwoodCalvin Rborn about 1938
KirkwoodGilbert Hborn about 1928
KirkwoodJoya Lborn about 1934
KirkwoodMaurice Sborn about 1935
KirkwoodMelvin Rborn about 1940
KirkwoodRach Lborn about 1930
KlipsteinHenry Wborn about 1914
KlipsteinHenry Wborn about 1940
KlipsteinVirginia Dborn about 1916

L Surnames

LiconSam born about 1884

M Surnames

MathewsErnest Fborn about 1896
MathewsIsabel born about 1897
McCrayBichley Lborn about 1891
McDonaldDonald Fborn about 1890
McDonaldHugh born about 1877
McDonaldMary Aborn about 1870
McGavockJames born about 1888
McMillanAdam born about 1897
MillerAmie Sborn about 1874
MillerDonald Eborn about 1917
MoyleDaisy born about 1893
MoyleGeorge born about 1893
MoyleMabel Aborn about 1913
MoyleStanley born about 1907

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P Surnames

PeriniLawrence born about 1875
PetersonJimar born about 1909
PhillipLester Jborn about 1906
PoleyJim born about 1890

R Surnames

RitchieGlenn Eborn about 1934
RitchieJosephine Cborn about 1902
RolanAlbert Fborn about 1908
RolanLousia Aborn about 1906
RusselEdith Mborn about 1883
RusselFrank Fborn about 1935

S Surnames

SartorisDaniel born about 1891
ScanavinoJoseph Lborn about 1939
ScanavinoJoseph Sborn about 1900
ScanavinoLois Bborn about 1919
ScapuzziAlec born about 1915
ScapuzziDonald Wborn about 1938
ScapuzziIrene Aborn about 1918
ShineCharles Eborn about 1898
ShineLucille Nborn about 1900
SnipeCatherine Lborn about 1910
SnipeJames Lborn about 1904
SnipeJanice Mborn about 1937
SnipeMartha born about 1926
SnipeMary Joborn about 1935
SpilkerAlfred born about 1883
SturgeonJames Rborn about 1935
SturgeonWilmer born about 1919

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T Surnames

TalbotMerril Oborn about 1904

V Surnames

VancielEdith born about 1899

W Surnames

WhiteBlanche Eborn about 1912
WhiteDonna Jborn about 1937
WhiteGeorge Wborn about 1933
WhiteHarvy Eborn about 1929
WhiteWylie Fborn about 1906
WileyEdward born about 1912
WilliamsEldon born about 1878

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