1940 U.S. Federal Census of Kelsey, El Dorado, California

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USA > California > El Dorado County > 1940 Census of Kelsey

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A Surnames

AdamsAbe Sborn about 1870
AdamsCelian Lborn about 1921
AdamsDaphney Rborn about 1924
AdamsEletha Jborn about 1930
AdamsFred Lborn about 1896
AdamsMarjory Fborn about 1899
AlexanderLeslie Eborn about 1900
AlexanderVeda Aborn about 1899
AlexanderWilliam Pborn about 1935
AlfaroSilvio born about 1873
ArnoldFrances Jborn about 1917
ArnoldMichel Wborn about 1908
AudreAnna Eborn about 1866
AudreEarnest Fborn about 1866

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B Surnames

BlissEva Mborn about 1912
BlissLes Pborn about 1928
BoothCharles Fborn about 1886
BrownsGeorge Ann Atborn about 1925
BrownsGeorgia Mborn about 1898
BrownsRodger Wborn about 1927
BusbyDonn Hborn about 1917

C Surnames

ClarkGeorge Rborn about 1877
ClassenGeorge born about 1899
ClassenSue Lborn about 1890
CowellGeorge Fborn about 1918
CrumleyFlorence Eborn about 1889
CrumleyJohn Pborn about 1887

D Surnames

DahlgrenCharles Oborn about 1884
DaressEthel Pborn about 1881
DaressMelvin Aborn about 1887
DarrRonald Jborn about 1914
DevenportDudley Gborn about 1915
DrewElizabeth Aborn about 1938
DrewEthel Mborn about 1902
DrewMelvin Eborn about 1917
DuhigBlanch born about 1899
DuhigJohn born about 1890
DunkleForest Wborn about 1917

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E Surnames

EckmanBarbara Lborn about 1931
EckmanLaura born about 1896
ErleweinCharles born about 1866

F Surnames

FarmerWilliam Hborn about 1885
FergusArthur born about 1900
FergusMary Rborn about 1887
FiserCharles Rborn about 1931
FiserDorothy Hborn about 1928
FiserHarold Dborn about 1933
FiserIrma Lborn about 1898
FiserLola Jborn about 1923
FiserLucian Cborn about 1892
FiserMildred Mborn about 1925
FiserNancy Leeborn about 1935
FiserRobert Lerayborn about 1936
FoutzAnthony Fborn about 1901
FoutzMarian Eborn about 1915
FoutzMarilyn Bborn about 1933
FoutzRonald Kborn about 1935
FriedenbergByron Gborn about 1872
FriedenbergMarie Eborn about 1887

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G Surnames

GearWalter Jborn about 1883
GiantCharles Eborn about 1891
GlasgowOra Eborn about 1908
GlasgowWalter Rborn about 1906

H Surnames

HansonAndrew Gborn about 1869
HartzigClara Dborn about 1872
HartzigLouis Eborn about 1865
HoddleEdgar born about 1869

J Surnames

JohnsGeorge born about 1892
JohnsonRalph Eborn about 1894
JonesLeroy Cborn about 1915

K Surnames

KeethJames Aborn about 1875
KickFlorence Pborn about 1933
KickGerlinde Aborn about 1912
KickKenneth Wborn about 1905
KingCarl Hborn about 1886

L Surnames

LairdJohn Bborn about 1901
LelandEarle Lborn about 1893
LevithEdward Sborn about 1877
LoomisDonald born about 1906

M Surnames

ManninFrances Eborn about 1886
ManninLeslie Iborn about 1900
McKinzeWilber born about 1889
MelikianWilliam Hborn about 1874
MintunCharles Aborn about 1887
MortomEdward Bborn about 1865

N Surnames

NaceBernice Vborn about 1921
NaceDonald Kborn about 1938

O Surnames

OlsonEarnest Cborn about 1891
OlsonNels born about 1886
OlsonOlive Zborn about 1921
OlsonZella Eborn about 1898

P Surnames

PealerArthur Wborn about 1902
PetersonDick born about 1882

R Surnames

RamerClarence Eborn about 1918
RiceJohn born about 1870
RoanLeo Bborn about 1937
RobersonThomas Eborn about 1897
RubattDwight born about 1938
RubattLois born about 1916
RubattLois Letitiaborn about 1936
RubattOrvil Dborn about 1913
RyderJohn Rborn about 1927
RyderRoyal Sborn about 1883
RyderTessa Nborn about 1893

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S Surnames

SchwartzLeola born about 1917
SchwartzMichael Aborn about 1919
SharpEdward born about 1916
SharpLois born about 1922
SledzAnn born about 1937
SledzMarion born about 1918
SledzSteve born about 1918
SommerWilliam Jborn about 1867
SpidellJessie Mborn about 1887
SpidellMelvin Lborn about 1921
SpidellRay Aborn about 1916
SpidellRuth Eborn about 1923
SpidellWalter Aborn about 1888
StaufferAudry born about 1891
StaufferPaul Dborn about 1892
SwansboroughAllen Wborn about 1903
SwansboroughAllen W Jrborn about 1926
SwansboroughBelle Cborn about 1901

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T Surnames

TisthammerJulia Aborn about 1889
TisthammerMinnie Mborn about 1889
TomowskeWalter born about 1917
TownsendRalph Aborn about 1908
TuttleDonna Cborn about 1913
TuttleDonna Claraborn about 1935
TuttleMarshall Rborn about 1937
TuttlePierson born about 1912
TuttleRichard Rborn about 1940

X Surnames

XavierFrancis Mborn about 1889

Z Surnames

ZanderPearl Vborn about 1891

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