1940 U.S. Federal Census of Pacific Grove in Humboldt County, Humboldt, California

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USA > California > Humboldt County > 1940 Census of Pacific Grove in Humboldt County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames

A Surnames

AbbottGeorge Fborn about 1878
AbbottMargareta born about 1878
AhlgrenMyron born about 1923
AndersonHenrick born about 1880
AndersonIda born about 1887

B Surnames

BrazilCecelia born about 1922
BrazilDorothy born about 1923
BrazilEvelyn born about 1927
BrazilManuel born about 1896
BrazilMarie born about 1904
BrazilPhyllis born about 1932

C Surnames

CastonGearldine Eborn about 1922
CastonJohn Aborn about 1884
CastonMildred born about 1905
CastonMildred Eborn about 1923
ChurchBennie Mborn about 1938
ChurchHazel Lborn about 1913
ChurchJewel Dborn about 1937
ChurchRay Rborn about 1911
CrowleyWilliam born about 1883

D Surnames

DaupyhinyEmma Hborn about 1865
DavisArline born about 1918
DavisLyle born about 1914
DerringWilliam Jr born about 1915
DuncanEverett Wborn about 1904

E Surnames

EllerClara Eborn about 1928
EllerClyde born about 1936
EllerDonald Lborn about
EllerG Cborn about 1930
EllerKarl Yborn about 1902
EllerLessie Rborn about 1911
EllerWilliam Rborn about 1932

F Surnames

FearrienRichard born about 1936
FuelSarah Aborn about 1887

G Surnames

GlendenEmma born about 1889
GlendenHarry born about 1881
GomesAdehina born about 1898
GomesJoe born about 1926
GomesJohn born about 1925
GomesMatthew born about 1894
GrahamCarolin born about 1939
GrahamDavid born about 1933
GrahamGlenn born about 1900
GrahamMabel born about 1906

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H Surnames

HalleyJohn born about 1875
HalleyMary born about 1888
HalleyRosemary born about 1925
HannaAda Aborn about 1882
HannaArch Frankborn about 1883
HansenChristian born about 1870
HansenLouise born about 1879
HolstAnnie Mborn about 1879
HolstJohn born about 1873
HullanderAnna born about 1878
HullanderEmil Lborn about 1874

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J Surnames

JacobsonAnnie Cborn about 1866
JacobsonDora Sborn about 1920
JohnsonAdolph born about 1891
JohnsonEileen Jborn about 1902
JohnsonEldon Hborn about 1922
JohnsonNathan Hborn about 1927
JorgensenBetty born about 1939
JorgensenFlorence Eborn about 1910
JorgensenJerry born about 1902
JorgensenJorgen born about 1879
JorgensenJoyce born about 1937
JorgensenLoraine born about 1932
JorgensenMargaret born about 1881
JorgensenWalter born about 1921

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K Surnames

KausenEdith born about 1892
KausenEdward born about 1891
KausenWesley born about 1922
KnudsenKenneth born about 1925
KnudsenLauranbce Jr born about 1922
KnudsenLaurance born about 1894
KoriderCharles born about 1865
KoriderMamie born about 1870
KrizmanFlorence born about 1905
KrizmanJohn born about 1905
KrizmanJohn Jr born about 1929
KrizmanRichard born about 1931

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L Surnames

LaloliSilvs born about 1891
LaniniGenevieve born about 1899
LathamEmma born about 1902
LathamFrank Nborn about 1906

M Surnames

MabeSmuel born about 1867
MartinAlbert Pborn about 1896
MartinDonna born about 1936
MartinMinnie Fborn about 1899
MasonWilliam Hborn about 1873
MathisSamuel born about 1872

N Surnames

NielsonLaura Fborn about 1867

O Surnames

ObrienAnna Dborn about 1891

P Surnames

PennCharles Bborn about 1871
PennMargaret Aborn about 1882
PerryThomas born about 1876
PetersonAnna Mborn about 1871
PetersonCharles born about 1863
PetersonFerdinard born about 1868
PriceHans Jborn about 1882
PriceKarolyn born about 1884

R Surnames

RasmussenCornelius Fxborn about 1856
RustWilliam Wborn about 1866

S Surnames

SandersWilliam Sborn about 1917
SorenCarl Dborn about 1930
SorenClifford Mborn about 1905
SorenDorothy Jborn about 1933
SorenEdith born about 1901

T Surnames

TippleBernice born about 1910
TippleJack born about 1909
TippleJack Jr born about 1928
TorgersenCarl born about 1901
TorgersenCarl born about 1932
TorgersenLaura Leeborn about 1907
TorgersenLawrence born about 1928
TorgersenMitchel born about 1929

V Surnames

VaughnOra Vborn about 1908
VaughnWilliam born about 1894

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