Brea Genealogy (in Orange County, CA)

USA (747,020) > California (18,271) > Orange County (721) > Brea (8)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Brea Birth Records

Brea city birth records, 1917-1932 Family History Library

Brea Cemetery Records

Memory Garden Memorial Park Interment

Memory Garden Memorial Park (Version 1) US Gen Web Archives

Memory Garden Memorial Park (Version 2) US Gen Web Archives

Percent Photographed Memory Garden Memorial Park Find a Grave

Brea Newspapers and Obituaries

Brea La Habra Star Progress 1998, 2002-2004, 2011-2014 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Brea Progress 1998 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Brea Star Progress 2002-2004, 2012-2013 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast