Imperial Genealogy (in Imperial County, CA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Imperial Cemetery Records

Imperial Historic Cemetery Interment

Imperial Church Records

Parish records (San Diego, Calif.), 1948-1970 (Catholic Church. San Antonio de Padua (Imperial, California)) Family History Library

Imperial City Directories

Imperial Valley (California) city and county directories Family History Library

Imperial, CA 1910-1911, 1918-1921, 1924, 1928, 1930, 1933 City Directories Allen County Public Library

Imperial Histories and Genealogies

The history of San Francisco Ancestry

Imperial Newspapers and Obituaries

Imperial Daily Standard. (Imperial, Calif.) 1900s-1911 Multiple Archives

Imperial Enterprise. (Imperial, Calif.) 1923-1947 Multiple Archives

Imperial Hometown Review. (Imperial, Calif.) 1953-1978 Multiple Archives

Imperial Morning Enterprise. (Imperial, Calif.) 1913-1910s Multiple Archives

Imperial Press (California/United States) [Imperial, Cal.] 20 April 1901 to 26 October 1901 Elephind

Imperial Press And Farmer (California/United States) [Imperial, San Diego County, Cal.] 2 November 1901 to 14 March 1903 Elephind

Imperial Press and Farmer. (Imperial, San Diego County, Cal.) 1901-1903 Multiple Archives

Imperial Press, The (California/United States) [Imperial, Cal.] 4 April 1903 to 30 September 1905 Elephind

Imperial Press. (Imperial, Cal.) 1903-1906 Multiple Archives

Imperial Valley Press (Imperial, 1901-1911) California Digital Newspaper Collection

Imperial press (Imperial, Cal., from 1901-04-20 to 1901-10-26) Chronicling America

Imperial press and farmer (Imperial, San Diego County, Cal., from 1901-11-02 to 1903-03-14) Chronicling America

The Imperial Press 1901-1905

The Imperial press (Imperial, Cal., from 1903-04-04 to 1905-09-30) Chronicling America