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Sacramento County Newspapers and Obituaries

Annual compilation of births, marriages, deaths in the Sacramento Union, 1859-1886. WorldCat

Local newspaper index, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, 1970-1993 Family History Library Marriage Index, 1800s-1999 Ancestry online Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry online

Fair Oaks Newspapers and Obituaries

Folsom Newspapers and Obituaries

Sacramento Newspapers and Obituaries

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An Index of Births, Marriages, and Deaths Appearing in the Sacramento Bee, 1857-1900 Family History Library

An Index of births, marriages and deaths appearing in the Sacramento Bee WorldCat

An Index of births, marriages, and deaths appearing in the Sacramento bee : a project of the Genealogical Association of Sacramento. WorldCat

Annual Compilation of Births, Marriages, Deaths in the Sacramento Union, 1859-1886 Family History Library

California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences 01/12/1854 to 01/16/1857 Genealogy Bank online

California Fatalities, from Sacramento Daily Union (Telegraphic Brevities), Accidental, Homicide, Suicide, Execution, Etc., 1860-1879 Family History Library

California Historical Research, Birth Records/notices from Various Newspapers, 1863-1874 Family History Library

California fatalities from Sacramento Daily Union (telegraphic brevities) : accidental, homicide, suicide, execution, etc., 1860-1879 (1875 & 1876 not printed in year end series) WorldCat

California/nevada Historical Research, Birth Records/notices, 1863-1914 Family History Library

California/nevada Historical Research, Marriage Records/notices, Ca. 1847-1910 Family History Library

Daily Democratic State Journal 08/26/1853 to 04/30/1858 Genealogy Bank online

Democratic Campaigner 08/07/1852 to 08/14/1852 Genealogy Bank online

Democratic State Journal 03/12/1853 to 08/13/1853 Genealogy Bank online

Gold Rush obituaries, 1849-1855 : vol. 1 Family History Library

Local Newspaper Index, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, 1938-1973 Family History Library

Local Newspaper Index, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, 1970-1993 Family History Library

O Progresso, 1935-1937 Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections online

Obituaries from the Sacramento Bee WorldCat

Obituaries from the Sacramento Bee, September 1975-December 1982 Family History Library

Obituaries in the Sacremento [Sic] Bee Newspaper in Sacremento [Sic], California, 1982-1985 Family History Library

Pacific Bee 1899-1900 online

Placer Times (Sacramento, 1849-1850) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Placer Times 08/11/1849 to 04/28/1851 Genealogy Bank online

Placer Times and Transcript 09/15/1851 to 03/28/1852 Genealogy Bank online

Post (El Informador) 11/04/1967 to 12/02/1967 Genealogy Bank online

Prensa Libre 01/15/1969 to 12/31/1970 Genealogy Bank online

Record-Union 1880-1899 online

Record-Union, The (California/United States) [Sacramento, Calif.] 10 January 1891 to 31 December 1899 Elephind online

Record-union (sacramento, calif.) (from jan. 10, 1891 to dec. 31, 1899) MyHeritage online

Sacramento Bee (1984-present) Sacramento Bee online

Sacramento Bee 1908-2020 online

Sacramento Bee obituary notices 1963-1964 Family History Library

Sacramento Bee, and Sacramento Union Local Newspaper Obituary Index, 1970-1993 Family History Library

Sacramento California, Sacramento Bee Newspaper 1889 - 1890: vital records Ancestry online

Sacramento California, Sacramento Bee Newspaper 1891: vital records Ancestry online

Sacramento California, Sacramento Bee newspaper 1859, Obituaries, Marriages, Births Ancestry online

Sacramento California, Sacramento Bee newspaper 1892: Vital Records Ancestry online

Sacramento Carmichael Citizen, 1977-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Citrus Heights Bulletin, 1977-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Daily Record 09/11/1867 to 01/01/1874 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento Daily Record-Union (California/United States) [Sacramento [Calif.]] 1 January 1880 to 9 January 1891 Elephind online

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, 1851-1899) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Sacramento Daily Union 04/28/1851 to 12/31/1899 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento East Yolo Record, 1977-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento North Highlander, 1976-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Rancho Cordovan, 1977-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Record Union, 1891-1899 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento San Juan Record, 1976-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Star 1904-1925 online

Sacramento Steamer Union 10/31/1851 to 04/21/1856 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento Suburban, 1976-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Sun, 1976-1977 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento Transcript (Sacramento, 1850-1851) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Sacramento Transcript 04/26/1850 to 06/15/1851 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento Union (Sacramento, 1906-1922) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

Sacramento Weekly Leader 01/22/1876 to 08/05/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento Weekly Union 07/05/1856 to 10/25/1876 Genealogy Bank online

Sacramento bee newspaper, index of b[irths], m[arriages], d[eaths] : 1857-[1900]. WorldCat

Sacramento daily record union, 1880-1891 Newspaper Archive online

Sacramento daily record-union (Sacramento [Calif.]) (from Jan. 1, 1880 to Jan. 9, 1891) MyHeritage online

Sacramento daily record-union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) (from Jan. 1, 1880 to Jan. 9, 1891) Chronicling America online

Sacramento, California, Bee/union Newspaper Index, 1906-1937 Family History Library

South Sacramento News, 1976-1977 Newspaper Archive online

South Sacramento Reporter, 1977-1977 Newspaper Archive online

State Capital Reporter 02/29/1868 to 12/14/1869 Genealogy Bank online

Steamer Democratic State Journal 07/31/1854 to 10/14/1854 Genealogy Bank online

The Daily Bee 1857-1890 online

The Evening Bee 1890-1908 online

The Express (Sacramento, 1923-2009) California Digital Newspaper Collection online

The Placer Times & the Sacramento Union : births, marriages and obituaries, Sacramento California 1849-1853 Family History Library

The Weekly Bee 1877-1899 online

The Weekly Pacific Bee 1899-1899 online

The record-union. (Sacramento, Calif.) (from Jan. 10, 1891 to Dec. 31, 1899) Chronicling America online

Themis 02/24/1889 to 06/24/1894 Genealogy Bank online

Weekly Rescue 02/01/1864 to 09/27/1877 Genealogy Bank online

Weekly State Sentinel 11/05/1857 to 12/17/1857 Genealogy Bank online

Offline Newspapers for Sacramento County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Antelope: Antelope News. (Antelope, Calif.) 1994-Current

Carmichael: Carmichael Times. (Carmichael, Ca.) 1981-Current

Citrus Heights: Citrus Heights Bulletin. (Citrus Heights, Calif.) 1980s-1993

Elk Grove: Elk Grove Citizen. (Elk Grove, Ca.) 1909-Current

Fair Oaks: Bulletin. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1954-1965

Fair Oaks: Carmichael Citizen. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1974-1980

Fair Oaks: Citrus Heights Bulletin. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1965-1980

Fair Oaks: East Sacramento Sun. ([Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1978-1980

Fair Oaks: Fair Oaks Guardian. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1996-1997

Fair Oaks: Fair Oaks Post. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1984-1989

Fair Oaks: Fair Oaks Progress. (Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, Calif.) 1918-1931

Fair Oaks: North Highlander. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1966-1978

Fair Oaks: Sacramento Suburban. ([Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1966-1980

Fair Oaks: San Juan Record. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1933-1980

Fair Oaks: South Sacramento News. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1971-1979

Fair Oaks: South Sacramento Reporter. (Fair Oaks, Calif.) 1974-1979

Folsom: Folsom Dispatch. (Folsom, Calif.) 1857-1858

Folsom: Folsom Telegraph. (Folsom, Calif.) 1981-Current

Folsom: Folsom Telegraph. (Folsom, Sacramento County, Cal.) 1889-1962

Folsom: Folsom Weekly Telegraph. (Folsom, Calif.) 1866-1889

Folsom: News of Orangevale. (Folsom, Calif.) 1963-1977

Folsom: Orangevale News. (Folsom, Ca) 1977-1997

Folsom: Telegraph. (Folsom, Sacramento County, Calif.) 1962-1980

Galt: Galt Herald. (Galt, Calif.) 1910s-Current

Galt: Galt Weekly Gazette. (Galt, Sacramento County, Calif.) 1880s-1888

North Sacramento: North Sacramento Journal. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1920s-1952

North Sacramento: North Sacramento Sun. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1969-1976

North Sacramento: Tribune-Progress the Independent-Leader. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1932-1936

North Sacramento: Tribune-Progress. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1931-1932

North Sacramento: Tribune-Progress. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1936-1943

North Sacramento: Tribune. (North Sacramento, Calif.) 1928-1931

Orangevale: New Orangevale News. (Orangevale, Calif.) 1997-Current

Rancho Cordova: Grapevine Independent. (Rancho Cordova, Ca) 1979-Current

Rancho Cordova: North Highlander and North Sacramento Sun. ([Rancho Cordova, Calif.) 1978-1980

Rancho Cordova: Sun. (Rancho Cordova, Calif.) 1976-1978

Rio Linda: News. (Rio Linda [Calif.]) 1984-Current

Rio Linda: Rio Linda News. (Rio Linda, Ca.) 1983-1984

Sacramento: Arden Carmichael News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1990s-Current

Sacramento: Bataan News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1942-1981

Sacramento: Business Journal. ([Sacramento, Calif.) 1984-1997

Sacramento: California Statesman. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1854-1855

Sacramento: Daily Bee. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1857-1890

Sacramento: Daily California American. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1856-1857

Sacramento: Daily California Republican. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1850-1863

Sacramento: Daily California Times. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1856-1857

Sacramento: Daily Californian. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1852-1853

Sacramento: Daily Democratic Standard. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1859-1860

Sacramento: Daily Democratic State Journal. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1852-1858

Sacramento: Daily Evening News. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1890-1893

Sacramento: Daily Placer Times. (Sacramento City [Calif.]) 1850-1851

Sacramento: Daily State Sentinel. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1857-1858

Sacramento: Daily State Tribune. (Sacramento, Ca.) 1855-1856

Sacramento: Daily Union. (Sacramento City [Calif.]) 1851-1853

Sacramento: Democratic State Journal. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1852-1855

Sacramento: Evening Bee. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1890-1908

Sacramento: Independent-Leader. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1922-1932

Sacramento: La Capitale. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1907-1945

Sacramento: Land Park News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1990s-Current

Sacramento: Mgw, Mom-- Guess What! Newspaper. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1983-Current

Sacramento: Mom-- Guess What! Newspaper. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1980-1983

Sacramento: Mom-- Guess What!. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1978-1980

Sacramento: Natomas Journal. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1988-Current

Sacramento: Pacific Bee. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1899-1900

Sacramento: Phoenix. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1857-1858

Sacramento: Placer Times and Transcript. (Sacramento City [Calif.]) 1851-1853

Sacramento: Placer Times. (Sacramento City, Calif.) 1849-1850

Sacramento: Record-Union. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1891-1903

Sacramento: Rescue. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1864-1868

Sacramento: S.A.D. News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1940s-1943

Sacramento: Sacramento Bee. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1908-Current

Sacramento: Sacramento County Ledger. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1890s-1904

Sacramento: Sacramento Daily Record-Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1875-1891

Sacramento: Sacramento Daily Record. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1867-1875

Sacramento: Sacramento Daily Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1853-1875

Sacramento: Sacramento Home News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1933-1934

Sacramento: Sacramento Journal. (Sacramento, Ca) 1969-1972

Sacramento: Sacramento Journal. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1868-1889

Sacramento: Sacramento Observer. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1962-Current

Sacramento: Sacramento Placer Times. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1849-1851

Sacramento: Sacramento Star. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1904-1925

Sacramento: Sacramento Steamer Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1852-1853

Sacramento: Sacramento Transcript. (Sacramento City, Calif.) 1850-1851

Sacramento: Sacramento Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1851-1852

Sacramento: Sacramento Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1903-1991

Sacramento: Sacramento Valley Union Labor Bulletin. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1928-Current

Sacramento: Sacramento Weekly Union. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1852-1903

Sacramento: Spirit of the Age. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1855-1856

Sacramento: State Capital Reporter. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1868-1870

Sacramento: State Prohibitionist. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1883-1885

Sacramento: Steamer Union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1853-1855

Sacramento: Sunday Leader. (Sacramento, Cal.) 1907-1922

Sacramento: Sunday News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1890s-1921

Sacramento: Suttertown Good-Time News. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1975-1977

Sacramento: Suttertown News. ([Sacramento, Calif.) 1977-1994

Sacramento: Tribal Spokesman. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1969-1977

Sacramento: Union. (Sacramento, Ca) 1991-1994

Sacramento: Wednesday Press. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1902-1907

Sacramento: Weekly Bee. ([Sacramento, Calif.]) 1877-1899

Sacramento: Weekly California Times. (Sacramento, Calif.) 1856-1857

Sacramento: Weekly State Journal. (Sacramento, Ca.) 1855-1858

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