Tulare County CA Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the California Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Tulare County Newspapers and Obituaries

California Newspapers, 1847-2009 MyHeritage

Newspapers.com Obituary Index, 1800s-current Ancestry

Tulare County Obituaries US Gen Web Archives

Tulare advance register obituary index Family History Library

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-current Ancestry

Cutler Newspapers and Obituaries

Cutler Courier. (Cutler, Tulare County, Calif.) 1920s-1924 Multiple Archives

Dinuba Newspapers and Obituaries

Alta Advocate. (Dinuba, Calif.) 1921-1981 Multiple Archives

Alta Advocate. (Dinuba, Tulare Co., Cal.) 1890s-1907 California State Library

Daily Sentinel. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1931-1932 Multiple Archives

Dinuba Advocate. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1907-1910s California State Library

Dinuba Daily Sentinel Dinuba Advocate and Orosi Progress. (Dinuba, Calif.) 1921-1925 California State Library

Dinuba Daily Sentinel. (Dinuba, Calif.) 1925-1931 Multiple Archives

Dinuba Sentinel and Kingsburg Sentinel. (Dinuba, Calif.) 1951-1958 University of California

Dinuba Sentinel and Orosi Offer. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1900s-1913 California State Library

Dinuba Sentinel. (Dinuba, Calif.) 1958-Current University of California

Dinuba Sentinel. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1913-1921 California State Library

Dinuba Sentinel. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1933-1951 Multiple Archives

Sentinel. (Dinuba, Tulare County, Calif.) 1932-1933 Multiple Archives

Exeter Newspapers and Obituaries

Exeter Sun. (Exeter, Calif.) 1901-Current University of California

Lumbee Nation Times. (Exeter, Calif.) 1979-Current Multiple Archives

Lindsay Newspapers and Obituaries

Lindsay Gazette. (Lindsay, Calif.) 1901-Current Multiple Archives

Tuesday News. (Lindsay, Tulare County, Calif.) 1931-1949 California State Library

Pixley Newspapers and Obituaries

Enterprise News. (Pixley, Ca.) 1986-1993 University of California

Pixley Enterprise. (Pixley, Tulare County, Calif.) 1922-1980s Multiple Archives

Porterville Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Recorder. (Porterville, Calif.) 1920-1923 California State Library

Evening Recorder. (Porterville, Calif.) 1923-1930 Multiple Archives

Porterville Daily Recorder. (Portersville [I.E. Porterville], Calif.) 1908-1919 Multiple Archives

Porterville Evening Recorder. (Porterville, Calif.) 1930-1971 Multiple Archives

Porterville Recorder 04/15/2006 to Current Genealogy Bank

Porterville Recorder 2006-2007, 2009-2012 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Porterville Recorder. (Porterville, Calif.) 1971-Current Multiple Archives

Porterville Reporter 2009 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Porterville Reporter 2009-2009 Newspapers.com

Porterville weekly enterprise obituary index : Apr 20, 1889-Apr 19, 1890, Apr 1900-Mar 1901, Porterville recorder obituaries index, Jun 1908-1909, 1910-1919, 1920-1929 Allen County Public Library

Porterville, California, recorder obituary index Allen County Public Library

Tule River Indian Reservation's Whispering Winds. (Porterville, Ca) 1982-1980s University of Arkansas

Whispering Winds. (Porterville, Calif.) 1982-1985 University of Arkansas

Traver Newspapers and Obituaries

Traver Advocate. (Traver, Tulare County, Cal.) 1887-1890s Multiple Archives

Tulare Newspapers and Obituaries

Advance-Register. (Tulare, Calif.) 1974-1993 University of California

Daily Evening Tulare Register. (Tulare City, Calif.) 1889-1893 University of California

Daily Tulare Register. (Tulare City, Calif.) 1893-1894 University of California

Daily Tulare Register. (Tulare City, Calif.) 1895-1925 Multiple Archives

Tulare Advance Register and the Tulare Times. (Tulare, Calif.) 1946-1961 University of California

Tulare Advance-Register 1882-2017 Newspapers.com

Tulare Advance-Register. (Tulare, Ca.) 1993-Current University of California

Tulare Advance-Register. (Tulare, Calif.) 1961-1974 University of California

Tulare Advance. (Tulare, Calif.) 1910s-1925 Multiple Archives

Tulare Daily Advance-Register and the Tulare Times. (Tulare, Calif.) 1944-1946 University of California

Tulare Daily Advance-Register. (Tulare, Calif.) 1926-1944 Multiple Archives

Tulare Daily Evening Register. (Tulare City, Calif.) 1887-1889 University of California

Tulare Daily Register. (Tulare City, Calif.) 1894-1895 University of California

Tulare Daily Times 1931-1935 Newspapers.com

Visalia Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Delta 1892-1902 Newspapers.com

Daily Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1900-1902 Multiple Archives

Daily Morning Delta. (Visalia, Tulare County, Calif.) 1892-1900 Multiple Archives

Daily Visalia Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1902-1908 Multiple Archives

The Visalia Weekly Sun 1860-1860 Newspapers.com

Tulare County Record (Visalia, 1859) California Digital Newspaper Collection

Tulare Times. (Visalia, Cal.) 1860s-1872 Multiple Archives

Tulare Weekly Times. (Visalia, Cal.) 1872-1883 Multiple Archives

Visalia Daily Times 1901-1928 Newspapers.com

Visalia Daily Times. (Visalia, Calif.) 1892-1928 Multiple Archives

Visalia Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1861-1864 Multiple Archives

Visalia Morning Courier 1906-1907 Newspapers.com

Visalia Morning Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1908-1928 Multiple Archives

Visalia Morning Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1917-1918 California State Library

Visalia Times-Delta 1892-2019 Newspapers.com

Visalia Weekly Delta (Visalia, 1859-1861) California Digital Newspaper Collection

Visalia Weekly Delta. (Visalia, Calif.) 1864-1881 Multiple Archives

Visalia Weekly Delta. (Visalia, Tulare Co., Cal.) 1859-1861 Multiple Archives

Weekly Visalia Delta. (Visalia [Calif.]) 1881-1917 Multiple Archives