1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bennett, Adams, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Adams County > 1940 Census of Bennett

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B Surnames

BarrBetty born about 1930
BarrHerbert Nborn about 1924
BarrKay Eborn about 1890
BarrLois born about 1925
BarrMartha Aborn about 1897
BeringtonOra born about 1866
BordnerAnna Mborn about 1905
BordnerBarbara Aborn about 1933
BordnerC Paulborn about 1898
BordnerJames Rborn about 1939
BordnerRobert Pborn about 1927
BordnerWilliam Pborn about 1930

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C Surnames

CappsBonnie Jborn about 1932
CappsFrederick born about 1919
CappsJames born about 1891
CappsJames Tborn about 1922
CappsPearl born about 1891
CappsRobert born about 1925
CappsW Thomasborn about 1928
ChriswisserCharles Rborn about 1926
ChriswisserGrace born about 1895
ChriswisserLester Aborn about 1894
ChriswisserRichard Eborn about 1928
ChriswisserRobert Lborn about 1930
ChurchCharlotte born about 1914
ClearCharles Aborn about 1937
ClearDorothy Mborn about 1933
ClearElmer Lborn about 1931
ClearGeorge Eborn about 1932
ClearHelen Fborn about 1939
ClearJohn Rborn about 1935
ClearMildred Jborn about 1912
ClearRalph Eborn about 1902
CommonsJennie Cborn about 1873
CoterillCharles Hborn about 1938
CoterillCharles Mborn about 1914
CoterillGary Lborn about 1940
CoterillMarjorie born about 1919
CramerDonald Kborn about 1933
CramerFern Kborn about 1906
CramerKermit Cborn about 1904
CramerLeota Sborn about 1883
CramerMollie born about 1867
CramerPauline Mborn about 1928
CramerWalter Vborn about 1921

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D Surnames

DemoneyDean born about 1932
DemoneyFern born about 1928
DemoneyHazel Mborn about 1906
DemoneyHelen born about 1934
DemoneyHerbert born about 1936
DemoneyKenneth born about 1939
DemoneyRay Gborn about 1905
DemoneyStanley born about 1929
DunbarDonna Deeborn about 1936
DunbarDoravan Hborn about 1903
DunbarGlen Aborn about 1926
DunbarHugh Dborn about 1934
DunbarViola Eborn about 1907
DyeCora Mborn about 1930
DyeEva Jborn about 1906
DyeGladys Lborn about 1925
DyeLawrence Fborn about 1934
DyeMaizie Lborn about 1926
DyeMartha Jborn about 1928
DyeRaymond Lborn about 1902
DyeRaymond Jr born about 1932

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E Surnames

EnglishAllan Bborn about 1920
EnglishBertha Mborn about 1890
EnglishCalvin Bborn about 1888
EnglishRobert Sborn about 1933
EvansGeorge Wborn about 1869

F Surnames

FergusonDickerson Cborn about 1873
FernandezLouiss born about 1880
FernandezMary born about 1886
FlandersEsther born about 1916
FlandersEthel Jeanborn about 1922
FlandersGloria Jborn about 1937
FlandersHarry born about 1883
FlandersIone born about 1912
FlandersJessie born about 1884
FlandersLawrence born about 1910
FlandersMary born about 1859
FlandersRosalie Aborn about 1940
FoxCharlie Gborn about 1899
FoxIxma born about 1893
FoxJack Eborn about 1925
FoxJesse Eborn about 1892
FoxLola Eborn about 1894
FuyNora Oborn about 1884

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G Surnames

GrahamMary Bborn about 1889
GrahamO Edwardborn about 1919
GrahamOrval Jborn about 1883
GrahamRuth Mborn about 1921
GrahamWilbur Wborn about 1912
GreggJames Wborn about 1916
GreggMartha Lborn about 1919

H Surnames

HacklemanClare born about 1906
HacklemanEdna Mborn about 1910
HacklemanJuanita born about 1932
HarrisBetty Louborn about 1924
HarrisDaniel Gborn about 1930
HarrisEthel Rborn about 1896
HarrisFrancis Gborn about 1890
HarrisSidney Jborn about 1921
HartmanGrace Iborn about 1891
HessCharles Harryborn about 1925
HessEdward Cborn about 1864
HessEleanor born about 1894
HessFrances Kborn about 1921
HessMary Aborn about 1869
HessRay born about 1888
HessShirley Eborn about 1930

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J Surnames

JessupMaryme born about 1913
JessupMaurice born about 1913

K Surnames

KillinOliver Aborn about 1917
KnollA Royborn about 1886
KnollAnna Jborn about 1882

L Surnames

LancasterAlven Jr born about 1926
LancasterAlvin Lborn about 1889
LancasterGlenn born about 1931
LancasterMarion born about 1890
LancasterPat born about 1929

M Surnames

MetlerEvans born about 1910
MetlerIna born about 1911
MetlerMary Maeborn about 1938
MetlerRichard born about 1940
MinshallMinnie Mborn about 1879
MinshallOscar Aborn about 1911
MinshallRalph Hborn about 1889
MitchellFlora born about 1875

N Surnames

NanceBrooke born about 1935
NanceJohn Zborn about 1893
NanceSelma Rborn about 1903
NelsonAlta Mborn about 1897
NelsonDonald Mborn about 1917
NelsonJuanita Mborn about 1921
NelsonN Georgeborn about 1890
NewmanEvelyn Mborn about 1918

P Surnames

PotterHannach Rborn about 1871
PotterRalph Fborn about 1907

R Surnames

RauntreeBernice Eborn about 1885
RauntreeColumbus Eborn about 1870
RauntreeEmily Lborn about 1925
RauntreeRussell Eborn about 1923
RohlfDonald Eborn about 1935
RohlfGerbard Hborn about 1891
RohlfGlendale born about 1927
RohlfHelen born about 1925

S Surnames

SchillerFrances Mborn about 1908
SchillerFrancis Fborn about 1911
SchillerWilliam Rborn about 1937
SkinnerGertrude Mborn about 1887
SkinnerLouise Nborn about 1924
SkinnerRay Rborn about 1884
SkinnerRusell Mborn about 1916
SteelePatricia Mborn about 1939
SteeleShirley Mborn about 1915
SteeleWilliam Hborn about 1915
SteffenBernice born about 1907
SteffenDelbert born about 1937
SteffenDonald born about 1935
SteffenDorothy born about 1933
SteffenFaye Pborn about 1903
SteffenFred Aborn about 1900
SteffenFreda born about 1939
SteffenHarry Aborn about 1910
SteffenJames Fborn about 1931
SteffenMary Leeborn about 1927

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T Surnames

TewksburyBeth Aborn about 1939
TewksburyElsie Dborn about 1918
TewksburyHerbert Gborn about 1911
ThornburgJames Eborn about 1915

V Surnames

VodneckGenevieve born about 1909
VodneckJohn born about 1933

W Surnames

WagnerCharles Eborn about 1880
WagnerDaniel Eborn about 1916
WagnerEvie Vborn about 1890
WagnerGriff Eborn about 1919
WardAgnes Mborn about 1898
WardFrancis Mborn about 1928
WardFrank Aborn about 1895
WardNora Mayborn about 1923
WassonRay born about 1881
WentworthAda Lborn about 1870
WestermanAlphouse Oborn about 1891
WestermanCora born about 1893
WestermanDavid Bborn about 1927
WestermanLois Eborn about 1933
WestermanMary Mborn about 1921
WiebeClaus Nborn about 1884
WiebeHelena born about 1928
WiebeLydia born about 1930
WiebeLytina born about 1890
WilliamsAnnie Lborn about 1890
WilliamsJames Mborn about 1890
WisemanEmery Aborn about 1882
WisemanLena born about 1881

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Y Surnames

YoungAlpheus Dborn about 1887
YoungAlta Nborn about 1888

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