1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cattle Creek, Garfield, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Garfield County > 1940 Census of Cattle Creek

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

B Surnames

BellAlton born about 1900
BentleyWm Aborn about 1879
BergeoLeland Aborn about 1918
BergeoLillian born about 1915
BoothFred born about 1892

C Surnames

CampbelFrank born about 1938
CampbelHelen born about 1904
CampbelI Eborn about 1891
Campbell??? Aborn about 1910
CampbellHobert born about 1914
CampbellJohn born about 1907
CampbellOctavy born about 1870
CoryellRalph born about 1894

D Surnames

DeyerlyEugene born about 1913
DeyerlyJuaneta Mborn about 1924

F Surnames

FitzgeraldFrances Jborn about 1933
FitzgeraldJack Aborn about 1932

H Surnames

HeuschkelAustin born about 1921
HeuschkelAustin Lborn about 1940
HeuschkelDoras born about 1922
HopkinsEarl Mborn about 1904
HopkinsHelen Oborn about 1904
HopkinsJ Mathewborn about 1907
HopkinsLallah born about 1871
HopkinsScott Cborn about 1862

J Surnames

JensenCarl Rborn about 1906
JensenDianza Mayborn about 1936
JensenDonald Cborn about 1940
JensenGarold Dborn about 1932
JensenLeila born about 1906
JensenNeva Jaunitaborn about 1928

L Surnames

LeyerlyDoras born about 1921
LeyerlyOtto born about 1912
LeyerlyPerry born about 1886

M Surnames

McKeeBert born about 1913
McKeeCharles born about 1936
McKeeDorethy born about 1915
McKeeEdwin born about 1938
McNaltyAnna born about 1894
McNaltyCatherine born about 1896
McNaltyMartin born about 1891
McNultyJohn Aborn about 1902
McNultyMary Gborn about 1913
MillerClement born about 1879
MillerHarold born about 1915
MillerViola born about 1922
ModliskCatherine born about 1869
ModliskPeter born about 1867

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N Surnames

NieslanikAdeline born about 1926
NieslanikBernard born about 1925
NieslanikBernice born about 1925
NieslanikBetty born about 1923
NieslanikCatherine born about 1930
NieslanikDorithy born about 1927
NieslanikInfant born about 1940
NieslanikJames born about 1938
NieslanikJohn Tborn about 1895
NieslanikJohn Jr born about 1932
NieslanikMary born about 1899
NieslanikPaul born about 1935
NieslanikRobert born about 1937

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O Surnames

OliverEarl Lborn about 1904
OliverEarl L Jrborn about 1934
OliverJosephine born about 1910
OliverPhylis born about 1932

P Surnames

PettsAlma Eborn about 1891
PettsJoe Tborn about 1889

R Surnames

RenftleCharles born about 1890
RenftleKathryn born about 1927
RenftleOma born about 1892
RenftleRuth born about 1929

S Surnames

SeiversElsie born about 1913
SeiversWm born about 1912
SquiresHarley born about 1910
SquiresMary Tborn about 1900
SteabenJohn Eborn about 1923
SwanEugene born about 1936
SwanRaymond born about 1913
SwanRuth born about 1917
SwanThelma born about 1939

V Surnames

VotzelJean born about 1939

W Surnames

WadsworthGeorge born about 1920

Y Surnames

YeagerEulalia born about 1893
YeagerJames Hborn about 1887

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