1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cimmaron, Gunnison, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Gunnison County > 1940 Census of Cimmaron

A Surnames B Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AndressNorman born about 1919
AndressRoy born about 1921
AubertJenny born about 1928

B Surnames

BirdGeorge Sborn about 1891
BirdLily Eborn about 1887
BraswellElla born about 1895
BraswellFay born about 1923
BraswellH Fborn about 1896
BrodockBarbara Jeanborn about 1940
BrodockBernard born about 1910
BrodockEvelyn born about 1915

D Surnames

DavisBert Leeborn about 1909
DavisCharles born about 1933
DavisCharles Jborn about 1939
DavisEdna Pearlborn about 1910
DavisEllen born about 1913
DavisJene Pearlborn about 1935
DavisJohnny Leeborn about 1936
DavisLee born about 1935
DavisP Lborn about 1905
DavisPearl born about 1937

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F Surnames

FieldDale born about 1919

H Surnames

HareJoe Spence Jrborn about 1922
HuserEugene Aborn about 1916
HuserHannah Leeborn about 1885

K Surnames

KatisCharles born about 1870

M Surnames

MartinezJoe Alexborn about 1905
MilesH Hborn about 1877
MilesIda Bborn about 1875

N Surnames

NicolasAmy born about 1932
NicolasAugust born about 1887
NicolasAugust born about 1934
NicolasOctave born about 1935
NicolasPaul born about 1937
NicolasSophia born about 1901

O Surnames

OscelesJoe born about 1887

P Surnames

PriceEarl born about 1914
PriceMargaret born about 1916

R Surnames

RichardsonErnest Aborn about 1887
RichardsonEva Mborn about 1889

S Surnames

SmithGeorge Hborn about 1923
SmithNellie born about 1903
SmithV Oborn about 1893
SoderquistAlbert born about 1922
SoderquistGeorge born about 1887
SoderquistHerman born about 1935
SoderquistJohn born about 1926
SoderquistMaude born about 1901

V Surnames

VandeburgCrosby born about 1911
VandeburgElla Maeborn about 1919
VandeburgRebecca Gayborn about 1940

W Surnames

WestLeonard born about 1879
WilsonCleo born about 1932
WilsonGrace born about 1909
WilsonKenneth born about 1932
WilsonLester born about 1911
WilsonRay born about 1940
WilsonRuth born about 1934
WilsonVirgil born about 1930

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