1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cowdrey, Jackson, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Jackson County > 1940 Census of Cowdrey

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A Surnames

AllenWillard Gborn about 1886
AxelsonPauline Mborn about 1905
AxelsonWaldo Mborn about 1903

B Surnames

BeckerWalter Jborn about 1896
BevansDonald Aborn about 1914
BickersraffGeorge Fborn about 1910
BodwellOra Oborn about 1913
BodwellRuth Eborn about 1937
BodwellStella Rborn about 1911
BoltonBarbara Rborn about 1930
BrownCora Eborn about 1881
BrownRaymond Cborn about 1921
BrownleeHerbert Sborn about 1893
BryantBruel Hborn about 1919
BryantJohn Wborn about 1913

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C Surnames

CarlstromCarl born about 1895
CarlstromMarion Vborn about 1905
CarlstromMarion Vborn about 1920
CloonanMichael Pborn about 1892
CrandallWalter Vborn about 1901

D Surnames

DavisBarbara Eborn about 1910
DavisGloria born about 1928
DavisSam Rborn about 1905
DiasHoasa born about 1887

E Surnames

EircksonOtta Aborn about 1896

F Surnames

FabriciusHerbert born about 1914
FabriciusHerbert Jr born about 1939
FabriciusLavon born about 1938
FabriciusMary born about 1914
FollettElmer Lborn about 1925
FollettFred Jr born about 1927
FollettHetty Gborn about 1938
FollettJohn Rborn about 1907
FollettLavala Jborn about 1929
FollettLola Mborn about 1932
FollettMartha Pborn about 1914
FollettNorma Lborn about 1934
FollettOliver Fborn about 1895
FollettRobert Wborn about 1931
FollettVersie Mborn about 1907
FoxKatherine born about 1922
FoxRay Cborn about 1903
FoxShella Lborn about 1939
FriendandezFrank born about 1891

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G Surnames

GilmoreNellie Mborn about 1883
GilmoreWilliam Rborn about 1871

H Surnames

HartmanAmanda Cborn about 1879
HartmanHarry Aborn about 1890
HendricksonAdelia Aborn about 1926
HendricksonCharles Rborn about 1935
HendricksonDavid born about 1857
HendricksonDavid Hborn about 1931
HendricksonHarriett Aborn about 1870
HendricksonHetty Eborn about 1900
HendricksonJohn Aborn about 1896
HendricksonJohn A Jrborn about 1927
HendricksonMary Eborn about 1930
HendricksonRobert born about 1919
HendricksonRodney Eborn about 1937
HendricksonWilliam Eborn about 1939
HillHarry Aborn about 1901
HofmeisterLudwig Jborn about 1890
HoldonAlberta Nborn about 1920
HoldonFredrick Rborn about 1918
HoldonIrme Jborn about 1923
HoldonIrme Sborn about 1890
HoldonJack Lborn about 1927
HoldonJames Rborn about 1924
HoldonNancy Mborn about 1930
HordtSarah born about 1918
HoseltonHoward Gborn about 1896
HuffmanGeorgia Mborn about 1916
HuffmanKareen Lborn about 1938
HuffmanLewis Gborn about 1912
HuffmanLewis Wborn about 1934
HunterClarence born about 1902
HunterHarry Aborn about 1867
HunterMartha Lborn about 1873
HunterVelma Gborn about 1908

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J Surnames

JacksonCharles Wborn about 1880
JacksonMary Eborn about 1883
JacorCharley born about 1915
JecksCharles Aborn about 1904
JoerlesJohn born about 1893
JonesJennie Mborn about 1890
JonesPaul Lborn about 1898

K Surnames

KehlingerJohn Pborn about 1911
KillionCharles born about 1879
KusterClara Lborn about 1912
KusterCorrie Wborn about 1893

L Surnames

LarkinCharlotte Aborn about 1893
LarkinHoward Wborn about 1889
LundburgJohn Cborn about 1884
LuthyArlein Hborn about 1917
LuthyFrank Gborn about 1914

M Surnames

MartieJohn Dborn about 1930
MartzMat born about 1883
MasonFlorence born about 1929
MasonHorace Cborn about 1895
MasonIda Fborn about 1928
MasonLucy Dborn about 1898
MasonRobert Wborn about 1927
MathewsonEldie Bborn about 1883
MathewsonGladis Nborn about 1895
MathewsonMarvin Wborn about 1926
McCaffreeFrank Oborn about 1881
McCarlandLeander born about 1855
McDanilsHank Rborn about 1903
McDevithAgness born about 1902
McDonaldNorman born about 1866
McIntoshSamuel Hborn about 1853
McKenzieOswald born about 1898
MillerMellville Aborn about 1874
MorisHellen Mborn about 1915
MosmanEdna Mborn about 1887
MosmanFrank Cborn about 1878
MuddAimee Wborn about 1901

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O Surnames

OlsonPeter born about 1883

P Surnames

PaintinGeorge Lborn about 1914
PaintinGeorge Jr born about 1938
PaintinJoseph Wborn about 1938
PaintinRena Lborn about 1917
ParsonsFern Cborn about 1905
ParsonsRay Eborn about 1896
PayneMargaret Cborn about 1886
PayneThomas Jborn about 1860
PiersonAlbert born about 1898
PoulosSamuel born about 1887

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Q Surnames

QuaintanceBlanche Cborn about 1882
QuaintanceHarry Hborn about 1873

R Surnames

RauchAlvin Hborn about 1912
RicksFloyd Oborn about 1918
RileyVictor Lborn about 1886
RileyWilliam Dborn about 1911
RobinsonCharley born about 1890
RoscoBonnie born about 1939
RoscoFlora born about 1891
RoscoJoe born about 1898
RosterHarry Eborn about 1909
RosterJennie Cborn about 1910
RosterShirley Jborn about 1936
RothAnthony born about 1882
RothFred born about 1923
RothJulie born about 1885

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S Surnames

SchillingLuella Mborn about 1938
SchillingMabel Eborn about 1914
SchillingVyrl Mborn about 1911
ShuppLoren Aborn about 1915
SolanderErick Aborn about 1905
StaggsDonald Lborn about 1928
StaggsJames born about 1902
StaggsJames Jr born about 1926

T Surnames

ThorneEdward Rborn about 1886
ThorneEdward Rborn about 1921
ThorneIda Eborn about 1923
ThorneIda Iborn about 1886
TraphaganIrene Eborn about 1930
TraphaganLavera Mborn about 1933

W Surnames

WaldronAlice Aborn about 1884
WaldronFern Rborn about 1924
WaldronJay Lborn about 1907
WaldronMerle Jborn about 1920
WaldronOwie Eborn about 1922
WaldronRuby Nborn about 1926
WaldronUrvan Wborn about 1884
WarrenFlorence Eborn about 1920
WarrenReginald Aborn about 1917
WatsonDavid Lborn about 1938
WatsonMildred born about 1910
WatsonWilliam born about 1902
WhiteAnn Eborn about 1890
WhiteForeman Fborn about 1916
WhiteGeorge Wborn about 1918
WhiteJohn Fborn about 1888
WillfordBernice Eborn about 1927
WillfordClinton Lborn about 1933
WillfordHarry born about 1882
WillfordHarry Lborn about 1922
WillfordJosephine Rborn about 1915
WillfordMabel Eborn about 1894
WillfordMary Jborn about 1925
WillfordRobert Kborn about 1914
WillfordRobert Lborn about 1938
WillfordShirley Gborn about 1936
WillfordYvonne Mborn about 1931
WillsHerbert Jborn about 1872
WillsLillie Mborn about 1866
WorkmanWalter Lborn about 1914
WyattCharles Fborn about 1920
WyattEthel Mborn about 1883
WyattFlorence born about 1927
WyattLillie Mborn about 1921
WyattRaymond Fborn about 1918

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