1940 U.S. Federal Census of Florissant, Teller, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Teller County > 1940 Census of Florissant

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A Surnames

AgeeCharlie Cborn about 1916
AgeeDella Eborn about 1880
AgeeGeneva Jewelborn about 1927
AgeeHughey born about 1919
AgeeJames Gborn about
AgeeLee Royborn about 1910
AllenClyde Aborn about 1898
AllenDora Mborn about 1872
AllenFlora Mayborn about 1868
AllenMargaret Agathaborn about 1902
AllenSilas Melvinborn about 1867
AllenWilliam Edwardborn about 1896
AllenWilliam Martineborn about 1938

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B Surnames

BabcockEarl Raymondborn about 1910
BabcockEarl Wayneborn about 1888
BabcockEarl Wayneborn about 1933
BabcockFlorence Alviraborn about 1916
BabcockWinifred Annborn about 1890
BardenAlonzo Arisborn about 1896
BardenDorothy Mayborn about 1924
BardenFern Stellaborn about 1922
BardenHarold Oliverborn about 1927
BardenHoward Orvalborn about 1927
BardenMatha Janeborn about 1900
BarksdaleAlbert Tborn about 1936
BarksdaleLindy born about 1919
BarksdaleWilliam Eborn about 1906
BartelsHarriet Hollenbaughborn about 1917
BartelsRalph Edwardborn about 1939
BartelsWalter Pborn about 1917
BatonMavis Elizabethborn about 1930
BenjimBessie Mborn about 1884
BensonJans born about 1880
BinkleyCharles Jborn about 1905
BinkleyDorothy Ellenborn about 1934
BinkleyLieta Bborn about 1914
BinkleyVirgil Wayneborn about 1933
BoydDonna Mayborn about 1938
BoydMildred born about 1912
BoydPaul Mborn about 1911
BurtonKatherine Rborn about 1876

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C Surnames

CamanJ Floydborn about 1890
CamanRuby Eborn about 1892
CarmickaelGladys Jeanborn about 1912
CarmickaelLeonard Aborn about 1909
ClarkEdna Eborn about 1898
ClarkEmil Eborn about 1911
ClarkRobert Wborn about 1933
ColemanAudrey Blaineborn about 1920
ColemanBaile Fayeborn about 1931
ColemanBarbara Jeanborn about 1934
ColemanBeulah Mayborn about 1894
ColemanGial Maeborn about 1938
ColemanHylan Dewayneborn about 1925
ColemanKenneth Leeborn about 1927
ColemanLynford born about 1892
ColemanOthr Kentborn about 1929
CoulterJohn Lborn about 1872
CoulterLaura born about 1890
CrouseLillian Iborn about 1883
CrowleyClark Clifonborn about 1913
CrowleyJeannette Katherineborn about 1911
CrowleySheeryl Annetteborn about 1939
CullenFrances Margaretborn about 1919
CullenJames Jborn about 1916
CullenJames J Jrborn about 1940
CummingsAlex born about 1894
CummingsDoris born about 1934
CummingsEddie born about 1938
CummingsLorena born about 1907
CummingsMarion born about 1920
CummingsMelvena born about 1932

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D Surnames

DanielEdna Aborn about 1905
DanielFrancis Adlonborn about 1927
DanielFrank born about 1895
DanielMarcia Carolynborn about 1937
DanielVirginia Ruthborn about 1925
DarraughCharles born about 1873
DarraughFlorence Bborn about 1879
DavisBetty Lorraineborn about 1930
DavisCharles J Bborn about 1895
DavisCharles Laurenceborn about 1936
DavisClinton Hborn about 1887
DavisElizabeth Janeborn about 1906
DavisGary Louisborn about 1939
DavisHarold Lindseyborn about 1926
DavisLeo Duaneborn about 1932
DavisLeslie Shenanborn about 1928
DawClara Mborn about 1881
DawFrank Aborn about 1879
DawWesley Wborn about 1914
DonaldsonDora born about 1867
DullCarolyn Annaborn about 1908
DullEdward Ernestborn about 1913
DullErneen Carolborn about 1934

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E Surnames

EngleClifford Johnborn about 1935
EngleClifford Mborn about 1908
EngleEleanor Jeanborn about 1936
EngleEleanor Mborn about 1919
ErbAlan Jarrettborn about 1934
ErbDorothy born about 1903
ErbEmma Gertrudeborn about 1924
ErbHelen Kathrynborn about 1926
ErbJohn Edwinborn about 1932
ErbPaul Eborn about 1899
ErbSusanah Lousiaborn about 1923

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F Surnames

FeaselBarbara Annborn about 1939
FeaselDorthy Loillaborn about 1909
FeaselGuy Lborn about 1898
FellerLowel born about 1909
FreemanRalph Sborn about 1892
FreemanRuby Eborn about 1894

G Surnames

GeorgeAudrey Tborn about 1924
GeorgeBetty Jeanborn about 1929
GeorgeCurtis Mborn about 1899
GeorgeDolna Kborn about 1908
GeorgeDonald Leeborn about 1937
GeorgeForrest Aborn about 1902
GeorgeLillie Eborn about 1908
GeorgeLillie Elbertineborn about 1927
GeorgeR Lesterborn about 1921
GeorgeViola Eborn about 1922
GeorgeWayne Cborn about 1932
GodfreyNellie born about 1883
GodfreyRobert Fborn about 1878

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H Surnames

HarmnaRalph Gborn about 1887
HarryArthur born about 1904
HarryGeorge born about 1867
HarryMarie born about 1906
HayesEdna Mayborn about 1895
HayesGertrude Winonaborn about 1924
HayesGladys Virginiaborn about 1920
HayesHarry Haroldborn about 1919
HayesIrwin Arthur Rayborn about 1894
HayesOkla Beatriceborn about 1923
HegertyCharles Williamborn about 1885
HegertyHattie born about 1884
HendersonFlorence born about 1889
HendersonIva Dborn about 1884
HendersonSarah Aborn about 1864
HiebAnna Kborn about 1904
HiebMuriel Tborn about 1928
HigginsonArthur born about 1883
HlintzEdna Mayborn about 1935
HlintzJohn Josephborn about
HlintzJohn Williamborn about 1933
HlintzOpal Aliceborn about 1915
HowlandClinton Eborn about 1936
HowlandDian Joanborn about 1939
HowlandLeona Eborn about 1913
HowlandRobert Aborn about 1932
HowlandWilliam Aborn about 1911
HowlandWilma Lborn about 1933

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J Surnames

JonesCarrie born about 1873
JonesGwenda Pearlborn about 1936
JonesHelen Louisaborn about 1922
JonesJohn Aborn about 1862
JonesRussell Eborn about 1899
JonesWinona Ellonborn about 1910

K Surnames

KloeferMaguerite born about 1886
KloepferDora Bborn about 1878
KloepferHarold born about 1896
KloepferJames Leeborn about 1924
KloepferJessie Pearlborn about 1900
KloepferJohn Gborn about 1871
KloepferPatricia Joanborn about 1927
KloepferRobert Lynnborn about 1926
KloepferWilliam Stuartborn about 1922

M Surnames

MabeDean Walterborn about 1913
MabeJessie Leeborn about 1939
MabeMarion born about 1921
MabeMary Francesborn about 1913
MabeMay born about 1880
MabeMilton born about 1919
MabeWalter born about 1872
MalaughlinLe Oan born about 1874
MayCal Georgeborn about 1895
McKayVirginia Maryborn about 1907
MurphyBonnie Joborn about 1934
MurphyFrances Corrinneborn about 1936
MurphyKittie Clydeborn about 1885
MurphyLena Corrinneborn about 1912
MurphyLester Cborn about 1906
MurphyOrin Geneborn about 1932
MurphyPauline Carrolborn about 1938
MurphyRobert Leroyborn about 1924
MurphyWilliam Robertborn about 1872

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N Surnames

NicholsDonald V Jeanborn about 1932
NicholsGeorge born about 1887
NicholsRobert Deanborn about 1930
NicholsVirginia Luillaborn about 1929
NicholsWm Henryborn about 1879
NidayLaurence Richardborn about 1938
NidayMargaret Bborn about 1921
NidayPatricia Sueborn about 1940
NidayRichard Wborn about 1916

P Surnames

ParkeWilliam born about 1875
PittulloBetty Jeanborn about
PittulloJerald born about 1923
PittulloOrpha born about 1891
PittulloScott born about 1879
PittulloVyrna Graceborn about 1923

Q Surnames

QesnickLouis born about 1925

R Surnames

RauschGeorge Fborn about 1898
RogersHoward Dborn about 1894
RogersSylvia Gborn about 1902
RyallElsie Wborn about 1880
RyallWalter Hborn about 1876

S Surnames

SabornNicholos Jborn about 1896
SandraDoris Arcieborn about 1918
SandraHarold Gordonborn about 1913
SeymourDorthy Lborn about 1921
SeymourRoy Eborn about 1917
SeymourRoy Williamborn about 1939
SingerRobert Cresentborn about 1919
SkallaElsie Margaretborn about 1901
SkallaJoseph Augustborn about 1898
SkallaJoseph Peterborn about 1927
SkallaNorma Aliceborn about 1923
SnareAnna Marieborn about 1934
SnareClara Justinborn about 1896
SnareErnest Nathanborn about 1932
SnareW Natborn about 1904
StahlHelen Leoneborn about 1907
StahlLeoren Annborn about 1935
StahlNils Jborn about 1905

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T Surnames

TaylorEularee Cborn about 1914
TaylorHerbert Donaldborn about 1933
TaylorHerbert Eborn about 1907

V Surnames

VossAugust Hborn about 1880
VossEmma Helenborn about 1887
VossRalph Gordenborn about 1932

W Surnames

WatsonOsa Hborn about 1875

Y Surnames

YelekArchie Leeborn about 1935
YelekFrancis born about 1931

Z Surnames

ZeckFred Eborn about 1869

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