1940 U.S. Federal Census of Great Divide, Moffat, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Moffat County > 1940 Census of Great Divide

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A Surnames

AguireTelhs born about 1900

B Surnames

BeanGerald Eborn about 1909
BockemuehlAllen Vborn about 1893
BoothFrank born about 1889
BoothJennie born about 1890
BrannanAlvin Hborn about 1911
BrannanDale Cborn about 1913
BreachDoris Hfborn about 1931
BreachFrances Lborn about 1905
BreachGlen Rborn about 1926
BreachGlen Tborn about 1897
BreachJohn Aborn about 1891
BreachLawrence Aborn about 1938
BreachMargaret Aborn about 1933
BreachMildred Lborn about 1924
BreachWanda Jborn about 1935
BreachWilma Lborn about 1900
BrennerGlorie Bborn about 1932
BrennerGrace Dborn about 1928
BrennerLarry Gborn about 1936
BrennerLawrence Tborn about 1903
BrennerOpal Mborn about 1930
BrennerViolet Dborn about 1911
BrintnallEdith Yborn about 1921
BrintnallHarold Cborn about 1917
BrintnallJames Eborn about 1890
BrintnallMary Mborn about 1888
BrintnallRobert Dborn about 1916
BrintnallRonald Eborn about 1924
BrintnallWarren Dborn about 1927
BrooksFrancin Mborn about 1914
BrooksMary born about 1917
BrundageWilliam Rborn about 1877

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C Surnames

ChivingtonBlanche Bborn about 1890
ChivingtonFlorence Pborn about 1930
ChivingtonJoe Hborn about 1928
ChivingtonJohn Mborn about 1921
ChivingtonLucius born about 1881
ChivingtonMary Eborn about 1920
ChivingtonPaul Eborn about 1916
CocaJoe Eborn about 1912
ConnellEmmett Jborn about 1894
CrispinAlbino born about 1886
CumbackGeorge Wborn about 1886
CumbackZara Mborn about 1921

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D Surnames

DoolinIda Mayborn about 1896
DoolinPatricia born about 1929
DoolinSteve born about 1891

E Surnames

EddelmanBertha Eborn about 1883
EddelmanOdus Eborn about 1883
EdingerAdolph born about 1869
EdmonsonLavona born about 1899
EdmonsonPaul born about 1893

F Surnames

FietcherChilotte Lborn about 1917
FietcherFrank Cborn about 1904
FietcherLevina Mborn about 1938
FinneyCharles Eborn about 1889

G Surnames

GaetaLouis Vborn about 1921
GarciaGasper born about 1905
GhesquireC Aborn about 1879
GlasgowFaye Lborn about 1926
GlasgowJames Fborn about 1890
GlasgowOtho Wborn about 1923
GlasgowPearl Mborn about 1892
GlasgowVera Lborn about 1920
GosselinCharles Hborn about 1923
GrandtCarl Fborn about 1884
GrandtGeorgia Lborn about 1914
GrandtHenry Gborn about 1914
GrassieCharles Gborn about 1885
GrassieThresa Mborn about 1882
GrigsbyAlexander born about 1860

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H Surnames

HickmanEarl Fborn about 1892
HowardFrances born about 1901
HultzGeorge born about 1937
HultzGeorge Wborn about 1907
HultzLucy Lborn about 1915
HultzRoy Dborn about 1939
HumphreyCarl Eborn about 1905

J Surnames

JacobsonDella Aborn about 1876
JacobsonEarl Hborn about 1913
JacobsonJames Fborn about 1881
JacobsonKenneth Fborn about 1916
JensenEmil Hborn about 1888
JonesRay Fborn about 1920
JordanTony born about 1895

K Surnames

KitlhingAlbert born about 1911
KitlhingAlice Maeborn about 1929
KitlhingIola Faeborn about 1931
KitlhingLois Dborn about 1910
KitlhingMary Ellenborn about 1936
KnowlesLeroy Aborn about 1908

L Surnames

LarsonFred Oborn about 1887
LivodaMike born about 1887
LodezLupe Eborn about 1924
LukasMartain born about 1871

M Surnames

MaesPeter Jborn about 1892
MagorNeil born about 1887
ManganoresJoe Dborn about 1898
MangonorsFred born about 1922
MarquezEmilia born about 1900
MartinAlta Fborn about 1893
MartinDorthy Lborn about 1929
MartinEarl Eborn about 1923
MartinHarvey Gborn about 1920
MartinLyle Lborn about 1926
MartinWayne born about 1916
MathersCharline born about 1927
MathersEtta born about 1890
MathersJohn Iborn about 1884
MathewsBetty born about 1921
MathewsEugene born about 1912
McCargarAlfred Hborn about 1894
McCargarLaura Eborn about 1897
McCoyAda Mborn about 1888
McCoyPerry Mborn about 1868
McKinstryHarold Cborn about 1889
MedinaTaby born about 1909
MillsLewis Mborn about 1879
MillsSusie born about 1883
MoresElbert born about 1870
MortonAlbert Eborn about 1898
MurphyConrad Cborn about 1922
MurphyEdward Dborn about 1930
MurphyEugene Gborn about 1925
MurphyGlenn Cborn about 1895
MurphyMartha Jborn about 1918
MurphyRetta Zborn about 1896

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N Surnames

NormanEmily born about 1899
NormanForrest Eborn about 1924
NormanHoward Cborn about 1896
NormanHoward Gborn about 1923

O Surnames

OstermillerJohn Fborn about 1895
OstermillerMarie Dborn about 1897

P Surnames

PadillaJoe Pborn about 1910
PateAmelia Jborn about 1885
PateMead Jborn about 1891
PateRosa Hborn about 1862
PlottsHenry Dborn about 1885
PlottsWalter Wborn about 1882
PratherEdna Mborn about 1911
PratherElla Mborn about 1878
PratherHenry Rborn about 1882
PratherPatrica Aborn about 1934
PratherRichard Dborn about 1939
PratherRolland Hborn about 1907

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Q Surnames

QuistanaAlbert born about 1904

R Surnames

RandolphBelle Pborn about 1894
RandolphRufus Lborn about 1882
ReaderElizabeth born about 1884
ReaderGeorge Cborn about 1884
ReaderPaul born about 1931
ReustAlbert Rborn about 1902
RouseLowell Dborn about 1887
RouseRose Lborn about 1884

S Surnames

SchaferPhil born about 1873
SeamansDelmon D Dborn about 1892
SisneresAndres Aborn about 1891
SolesEdward born about 1876
SponsellerDonald born about 1931
SponsellerGrace Jborn about 1890
SponsellerRay Lborn about 1891
SutherlandCarl Hborn about 1911

T Surnames

ToddAnna born about 1893
ToddGeorge born about 1889
TriyilloJase Rborn about 1906
TrouthBetty Jborn about 1938
TrouthElnor Wborn about 1917
TrouthEugene Jborn about 1904
TrujulloHenry born about 1894
TryilloAnselmo born about 1921
TryilloArthur born about 1926

V Surnames

ViggianoMichael Aborn about 1909

W Surnames

WyattStanley Jborn about 1891

Z Surnames

ZschchFred Eborn about 1920

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