1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hahns Peak, Routt, Colorado

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USA > Colorado > Routt County > 1940 Census of Hahns Peak

A Surnames B Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AtkinsonJohn Jborn about 1899
AtkinsonMajorie born about 1935
AtkinsonMarie Jborn about 1897

B Surnames

BakerAbner born about 1915
BedellCharles born about 1919
BedellOra Gborn about 1888
BedellOrville born about 1914
BedellOrville born about 1940
BedellRichard born about 1938
BedellRobert born about 1938
BedellWilliam Eborn about 1882
BedellWillitte born about 1918
BlairJohn Aborn about 1864
BlakemanCalvin Rborn about 1910
BlakemanDelpha born about 1916
BlakemanFlorance Lborn about 1938
BlakemanLloyd Lborn about 1936
BradtClarence born about 1894
BradtMargret born about 1919
BriggsOrville born about 1892
BrubakerAlma Mborn about 1918
BrubakerDean Jborn about 1937
BrubakerDean Rborn about 1915
BrubakerTheo Mborn about 1939

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D Surnames

DurhamNorris born about 1937
DurhamRath born about 1911

E Surnames

EbersoleAmos born about 1885

F Surnames

FullerCharlieve born about 1933
FullerIrene Eborn about 1900
FullerRock born about 1896

G Surnames

GaddJoel Pborn about 1864
GaddMagdalana born about 1861

H Surnames

HessHarold born about 1920

I Surnames

IrelandJoe Cborn about 1889
IrelandSilvia born about 1915
IrlandDarline Lborn about 1937
IrlandDonna Lborn about 1939
IrlandElmer Tborn about 1906
IrlandHazel Mborn about 1934
IrlandLillian born about 1911
IrlandNorma Fborn about 1935

J Surnames

JuelGertrude born about 1900
JuelJanie Aborn about 1932
JuelLaurence born about 1895

M Surnames

MahlerElsa born about 1879
MayburyCarl born about 1892
MayburyDelmore born about 1925
MayburyFern born about 1898
MayburyGladys born about 1937
MayburyHarby Lborn about 1894
MayburyLa Vera born about 1929
MayburyMiles born about 1934
MayburyShirley born about 1930
MillerHerman Fborn about 1875
MorganFrances born about 1938
MorganLeslie Rborn about 1909
MorganRoger born about 1936
MorganRoy Dborn about 1935
MorganTheda born about 1915

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P Surnames

PullianAudrey born about 1907
PullianDiann born about 1940
PullianRoy born about 1908

R Surnames

RobertsonEvelyn born about 1927

S Surnames

SmithDora born about 1890
SmithLawrence born about 1920
SmithMary Gborn about 1928
SmithPauline Lborn about 1924
SmithRalph born about 1882
SmithRaymond born about 1915
StiversonEd born about 1908

T Surnames

TammJohn born about 1914
TammViola Aborn about 1908
TrullingerCharles Cborn about 1896
TrullingerEdna born about 1898

V Surnames

VesleyJames born about 1883
VesleyMary born about 1887
VioleyDeloros Tborn about 1939
VioleyDonna Mborn about 1935
VioleyDowell Jborn about 1937
VioleyFrank born about 1911
VioleyMable Aborn about 1914

W Surnames

WallisMarian born about 1890
WallisRoss born about 1882
WheelerDale born about 1928
WheelerDean born about 1926
WheelerJames born about 1921
WheelerJames Jborn about 1893
WheelerLeddy born about 1932
WheelerRay born about 1935
WheelerRose born about 1898
WheelerRose born about 1918
WheelerWarren born about 1937
WulffHans born about 1902

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